My Top 10 Workout Songs (Mariah Carey Not Included)

Since I stopped teaching RPM, I haven’t been good at updating my iPod or creating new playlists for my workouts. I’ve been plugging my headphones into the treadmill and watching TV while I run or just listening to the “Purchased” playlist…which is fine until Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” starts blasting in the middle of an speed interval.

When I was regularly making running playlists, there was a group of songs that always made it onto my iPod. When I was teaching freestyle cycle and got to pick my own music for class, again, the same songs worked their way into class repeatedly. Wanna know what those are? OK, if you insist.

1. Cosmic Love by Florence & the Machine (This might seem a little odd, but it’s easy to get lost in the music and you don’t realize how hard you’re working.)

2. Song 2 by Blur

3. Miss Murder by AFI  (Hey Courtney, remember when we saw them live? aww…I miss you…and I WILL call you back soon. Promise.)

4. Next Best Thing by Nikki & Rich (I think Rachel introduced me to this duo)

5. Tonight I’m Loving You by Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris

6. Fighter by Christina Aguilera

7. Mercy by Duffy

8. Ain’t Going Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up by Garth Brooks (Have I told you that the #1 person I want to see live is Garth? It’s true.)

9. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

10. Uprising by Muse

K, your turn. I insist. What’s your favorite workout song?

And while I’m thinking of it, who’s gonna play this photo game? I’m in! Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@afoodiestaysfit) or Twitter to see my daily postings. I’ll post some of them on the ol’ bloggy too.



  • Christie

    As a fellow instructor I definitely have a lot of the same songs that are in a lot of my playlists. It is hard as an instructor making up playlists, especially after years of teaching!

    I am in for the Photo a Day Challege- how fun!

  • Amber @ Bold, Busy, Blessed

    I love a bunch of those songs! I’m a huge fan of classic rock so I love Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin), Communication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin), Birthday (The Beatles), Sugar Manolia (Grateful Dead), and Fire (Jimi Hendrix). Also some newer stuff… Helena Beat (Foster the People), Holiday (Vampire Weekend), Animal (Miike Snow), and ONE (Yeasayer).

    My friend just made me a huge mix cd of running songs (that’ll I’ll be getting in a few weeks) that I’m super pumped to check out!

  • Kristy (Sweet Treats & More)

    Okay, I had no idea why everyone was doing this #Janphotoaday thing on Instagram or where they got the info on what to post?

    But I felt like I was missing out! I’m gonna do this february challenge-since you posted it. Thanks!! I’ll follow you:)

  • Maureen

    Gotta have X-tina & JT on your workout play list! I love working out to anything by Britney Spears….don’t laugh {too much}!

  • Crystal

    Mercy gets me going too! D.A.N.C.E (Justice) and Boots & Boys by Ke$ha (don’t judge) are also good pump up songs [that I lipsync along to!]

  • Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries

    i don’t know if you’ve ever addressed this or not, but why don’t you teach RPM anymore? i’m interested in teaching spin or RPM, so just curious!

    • Teri

      It just got to be too time consuming to learn new releases and attend all the group practices since I have a full-time job, not to mention the things I needed to do around the house after work. I found myself resenting it and a fun hobby – which it was supposed to be for me – shouldn’t be resented. 🙂

      • Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries

        totally makes sense to me, and i respect you for that! i’m off to read your posts on “so you want to be a group fitness instructor”. 😉

  • Angie @ Angie's Nest

    I’m playing #febphotoaday! I was planning on doing a photo a day anyway, so when I saw #janphotoaday on January 2, I couldn’t resist. I love not only having a bit of a direction, but also seeing how the world of instagram interprets it with the hashtag. So fun! And ha, I love “Ain’t Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up!” Totally takes me back. 🙂

  • Jordan Lynn (Ciao Cow)

    Ahh, I always love new music for the gym! I personally like really generic upbeat music for working out (anything top 40). Also, as of late, I have been loving David Guetta’s new album Nothing But the Beat. I highly recommend it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Allison

    I love Garth! I got to see him live in college–he came out of retirement for five shows in LA. Amazinggggggg.

  • Katie

    Right now it’s “Remedy” by Little Boots. I could run forever with that one on repeat!!

  • Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Sadly enough, I find when I’m lagging in the energy department during a run, LMFAO can always give me a bit of a boost — don’t judge 🙂

  • Pure2raw twins

    classic Garth Brooks song 🙂
    great list of songs

    thanks for posting that february photo a day, hopefully we remember to take them as we would love to be apart of the fun!

  • Pam E

    I know that it ages me, but I LOVE–Groove is in the Heart, Deee-Lite, Goody Two Shoes, Adam Ant, Mrs. Robinson by the Lemonheads and ANYthing by Cake–. When I’m crabby and need to run it out, I do “Your Woman” by White Town. Kinks. . I can’t help myself, I organize by BPM and them pick the run time that I want and GO!

  • Simona

    Kayne West – ‘stronger’ always keeps me going that further mile! I’m checking how your list works for me as well 🙂