Winston Salem Sushi Round-Up

I told you guys my history with sushi yesterday and today, I’m sharing my local picks for sushi. I’m still not a sushi connoisseur but I do have some favorites in Winston Salem. I like Mizu, Ise (formerly Ishi), and Ichiban.

  • Mizu has the most creative rolls, excellent presentation and they seem very high quality.
  • Ise has great sushi and the best seaweed salad in town. I’d say their quality ties with Mizu.
  • Ichiban is consistently good and consistently cheaper than Ish or Mizu. This is usually my go-to place. Quality and creativity isn’t quite as high as the others but I’ve never had anything I didn’t like. I particularly like their Snow Mountain roll and Salem roll.

I’ve never ordered anything but sushi at these places but I’ve heard Ichiban’s hibachi is terrible. Mizu has the best ambiance but it’s still nothing amazing. Just better than the other two which feel like fast-food places that have been repurposed. Which is probably true.

{I’m kind of meh on Sakura. They use way too much cucumber in everything, including their seaweed salad.}

This is take-out from Ichiban. I ordered just two rolls – the Special roll was huge! I ordered the Fuji Maki Roll and had them add avocado. If you dine in at Ichiban, their wine pours are huge. Just FYI. 🙂 Well, at least the guy who always serves at the sushi bar has a generous hand.

This is dine-in at Mizu. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures – their lighting is very low and I was only toting the iPhone.

Locals, any other gems I’m missing out on?

P.S. The winner (chosen via Random.org) of the Get Your Good Going Giveaway is Crystal!!! yay!! And congrats to Leslie on taking the CA bar!



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  • purelymichelle

    mmm sushi!! looks like I need to come back for more 😉

    • Teri

      YES!!!!! I was at Mizu the other night and was reminiscing about eating there with you guys after the Wine Festival!

  • Maria

    *jaw drops* You can NEVER have too much cucumber! We’d be great restaurant buddies. I’d gladly take all of your cucumber from your salads and you can have my onions.

    • Teri

      hahaha! I know, I’m one of the very few people I know that hates cucumbers.

  • Anne

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have lived here seven months and have yet to have sushi (EK!) becuase sushi is one thing I’m not keen to try only to find out it’s not good.

    Maria I totally agree, bring on the cucumber!

    • Teri

      you are very welcome! <3

      eewww cucumber.

  • Jessie

    My goodness, I have seen so many posts regarding sushi lately. It all looks so good, and now has me on a serious sushi crave!!

    • Teri

      oh really?? how funny! I haven’t even noticed!

  • Karen A.

    SUSHI! Yum! My favorite 🙂

  • RLR

    Thanks for the tips! We went to Ichiban, and I nearly chickened out and ordered hibachi…. Now, I can’t wait to go back!

  • Rachel Romano

    I really don’t understand what I ordered wrong at Mizu…I thought that it was terrible…I really like Chang Thai in Clemmons, The Basil Leaf near the mall, and Kimono is not bad and has good prices. I think that we’re going to try Ichiban tonight–the sushi in your pic looks really good! Some Harris Teeters make some decent sushi if you’re on a budget, and I honestly liked them better than Mizu…

  • Morgan Jones

    Im new to the area from Raleigh and we always had buy one roll get one free, which seems to not be a thing aorund here! wondering if you knew of any!>