My Thanksgiving Line Up

Hi friends! We’re about a day out from Thanksgiving. Are you ready? I have my menu planned out for the most part and 99% of the shopping has been done; Whole Foods was out of arrowroot starch and I need to go to Harris Teeter for some marshmallows so hopefully I can snag those tomorrow! Trader Joe’s made my life way simpler with pre-cut sweet potatoes….because they take forever to peel and dice but that’s the best dish. 🙂 Anyway, here’s the plan! 

Turkey – purchasing precooked from The Fresh Market

Ham – purchasing precooked from The Fresh Market

Gravy – purchasing (any recommendations? I’m hoping The Fresh Market has some!)

Basic (s)mashed potatoes

purchasing Camino Bakery rolls – I made homemade, 6 hour-process crescent rolls last year. They were amazing. But I’m not doing that this year. 🙂

Deviled eggs (someone else is bringing)

Dressing (AKA Stuffing) – I’m going to figure out a combo of this recipe and this recipe 

Green beans with caramelized onions & almonds

Sweet potato pecan casserole (half will be topped with marshmallows for the kids attending)

I might also need to make a second sweet potato casserole – this one or this one

Roasted Acorn Squash & Beet Salad

Bourbon Vanille Cranberry Sauce

GF, Dairy Free Pumpkin Pie 

Praline Pumpkin Cheesecake (Crystal is bringing)


Sweet Tea 

What’s your lingo? Dressing or Stuffing? Mashed or Smashed Potatoes? I always said stuffing but I think technically stuffing is if it comes out of the bird and dressing is what it’s called if it’s cooked separately. Which, ew, who wants soggy bread from inside a turkey?! I’ve always said “mashed” potatoes. But I’ve noticed Southerners say “smashed.” But they “mash” buttons, e.g. “mash the elevator button.” 🙂


  • Blog is the New Black

    Sounds delish! 😉

  • Ashley

    Hot dang, lady! That is a LOT of cooking. I know you will pull it all off though, because you are super fantastic and amazing. I love TFM and actually worked there back in Ohio. 🙂 I’ve had their holiday dinners before and they’ve always been delicious. Hope you like that pie!!

  • Maria

    I always thought smashed potatoes were when they weren’t completely mashed up, like chunky potatoes. And mashed were creamy. But then again, those Southerners a little crazy with their slang so there might not be a difference!

    I am making our entire menu besides buying the bread (giant baquette to slice, butter, and toast) 🙂 But then again, it’s for two people, so not too bad!

    Oh, its stuffing here, but I never stuff it into a raw bird… I make it into cups using a muffin tin!

  • Hannah

    Gee whizz, that is quite the meal. I am only on pie and wine duty. Simple pumpkin and apple pies. I did some research and found a few good wine recommendations. Cabernet Sauvignon (my personal favorite) tend to be too strong for a turkey so a subtler red, like a merlot from Chile or some Red Table wines work better. I really need to pay more attention to wine notes and pairings. I would have thought Cab Sauv to go great with turkey.

  • Michelle @ Eat Move Balance

    Funny. We call it stuffing and mashed potatoes. Looks like a great menu!

  • Lauren

    I always say stuffing as well. And mashed potatoes. In the end, I guess it’s all relative, as long as it ends up in my belly. 🙂

  • Missy

    I am in the Deep South and I’ve never heard anyone call mashed potatoes “smashed”. We only call them that when we smash other things in them like cheese, chives or bacon (basically a loaded potato in mashed form). Must be other southern areas!
    We definitely call it dressing because we are “dressing” the turkey as it sometimes is in the middle of it. We never put it inside the turkey! But that’s the reason for it being a dressing! Yes, we definitely have some different lingo here!
    Your menu looks perfect! I love the sweet potato casserole with the brown sugar/pecan topping. I hate the marshmallow one!

  • Sharla

    Isn’t it weird how different cultures have their own food slang? Here in Western Kentucky it’s mashed potatoes and at our house it’s always dressing, but I have heard a few people refer to it as stuffing. I agree with Lauren – who cares as long as it gets eaten!! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  • janetha

    i wish your tg line up was in the slc.

  • hilaryjean

    Your menu sounds delicious! Since I am fortunate enough to live 30 minutes from my parents, my Mom will be doing the majority of the cooking (including mashed potatoes and stuffing). However, I am bringing a baked spinach & artichoke dip with fresh veggies and breadsticks for dipping and fresh fruit with fruit dip and assorted cheeses for the appetizers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • purelymichelle

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! xoxo