It CAN Wait

Earlier this year, I partnered with AT&T on their “It’s What You Do with What We Do” campaign about using technology to improve your health and fitness. At the same time, I also learned about AT&T’s “It Can Wait” initiative, their campaign to stop texting & driving. To be honest, even though I am 100% behind their It Can Wait campaign and feel it’s a hugely important and wonderful campaign, it is hard to not text & drive. Maybe that’s why I feel so strongly about it…because while I KNOW how important it is and realize how dangerous it is to text/tweet/facebook/instragram/whatever while driving, I also know personally how easy it is to think, “Oh I’m fine. I’m driving slow. There’s no traffic. It’s a short text.” etc….

So today, when I got this totally unexpected package (true story, I opened it and saw the phone and said out loud, “holy sh*t” because that’s a sweeeeet phone), it reminded me that I really need to work harder at not texting and driving. And then, as I was backing out of the driveway about 5 minutes later, I went to grab my phone to text my brother about the Samsung Galaxy III i just got in the mail since I know he loves his. And then thought, “Seriously Teri?? Texting and driving right after you looked at all that??” 

AT&T sent me the phone, a t-shirt (which I wish was my size because I would really wear it to help the cause but it’s a large), a cell phone cover, car stickers to remind me of the committment I’ve made to not text & drive, and even a ring I can slide on while driving to remind me. There was also an flyer about a new (free) AT&T app — DriveMode — available on Android and Blackberry devices that will prevent your phone from receiving texts, emails and/or phone calls when you are going over 25 mph. Very very cool. 

I didn’t ask for all of this swag and truly am not promoting it just because they sent me all this. This is something I believe in. And it’s something I need to work on, something I HAVE to work on.

DSC 0053

So, who is with me? Who wants to take the pledge?

Make this one of your 2013 resolutions.

Make it a Christmas gift to yourself.

Make it a Christmas gift to those you love.  And a gift all those strangers you pass on the road who have loved ones of their own.

Let’s not text and drive. Deal? 

Pledge here


  • Brittany @ Proteinandpumps

    This was already one of my resolutions. I’ve gotten so bad that I don’t even realize I’m going for my phone. It’s so natural. And so bad!

  • Lauren

    This is a great campaign! Thanks for spreading the importance of this Terri!

  • Lawrence

    Awesome way to keep safety first, TY!

  • A

    Count me in!