A Twitter Coffee Date

Like I mentioned, my weekend was great. On Saturday, my friend Crystal came to Winston-Salem. She and my friend Meg are Twitter friends but had never met in real life. [Side note: Meg and I also met through Twitter. 🙂 ] So, that situation had to be remedied and we all met up at Camino Bakery yesterday for a little together. (FYI, I had Camino’s almond milk latte for the first time. It will not be the last. Loved it. Also, FYI – this is the same Meg I linked to yesterday that just published a book on overcoming emotional eating.)

IMG 7531 PNG

They are both such intelligent, fun, insightful women. I’m lucky to have them as friends! We chatted the afternoon away about babies, blogging, books, and *insert another b alliteration here.* 😉

IMG 7529

[Side note: if I ever say I want to go back to being a redhead or a brunette, tell me NO. I think I like me best  — and look like myself most — as a blonde.]

Yes, Bo has a kiss mark on his head. I couldn’t help it. He’s just so darn kissable. And man, that’s a good baby. I might just have one someday if he/she would act like that. 

IMG 7530

After our coffee date with Meg and Bo, Crystal was nice enough to run some errands with me. We hit up Home Goods and World Market in search of some thank you cards and some new frames and came away with new cards from World Market, a new frame and yummy hand soap recommended by Crystal from Home Goods. 

DSC 0233SoapCards

And then Maizey sent Crystal on her way with kisses on the face. That’s a good friend. 

IMG 7526

What’s the weirdest way you’ve ever met a friend? I used to think meeting a friend through Twitter or online was weird. But sooo many of my friends are from Twitter and blogging now. 🙂 Another weird way I met a friend — Allison — was by creeping on her in Whole Foods and asking if her hair color was natural. I went through a kick where I wanted my natural color but I didn’t believe I could have pretty, natural colored hair so I approached a stranger whose hair I loved to find out if hers was natural. Turns out, Allison already knew who I was from a mutual friend introducing her to my blog. ha! Oh, and her hair color was natural. So unfair.


  • christina

    I agree; you are a blonde! Team blonde! (…says the girl who debating going brunette last night.)

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      haha! I love going back and forth. But now whenever I think about going brunette, I think of the Modern Family episode where Claire dyed her hair this frumpy brunette color and Jay says, “Are you trying to look old?” hahaha!

  • Melissa

    I think you look great blonde but also as a redhead. This is coming from someone who has flitted back and forth between both but staying red for now! 🙂

  • Meghan

    This was so much fun! And Bo is not *always* that well behaved but I am pretty sure he was content just looking at ya’ll’s pretty faces. (See above for evidence.)

    And I do think blonde suits you best, but you can pull off red too which not everyone can! I like this length on you a lot, also.