Emergency Provisions (e.g. wine) for the Ice Storm

Hi friends! I hope you are staying safe and warm wherever you are. It was freaking freezing here this morning and by early afternoon we had freezing rain. I’ve never been involved with this whole freezing thing. I’m not a fan. Everyone in my office headed out as soon as it started because the thing about freezing rain is that it makes driving a really bad idea, especially the longer it rains. [Someone please explain to me why freezing rain doesn’t just turn to pretty, not-as-dangerous snow.]

Imagine driving your car on a curvy, hilly skating rink. That’s essentially what it’s like on the roads here. Oh, and you have to scrape a sheet of ice off of your car first. Yeah, it’s all bad news. I, being a native Utahn, was one of the few people at the office who had a legit ice scraper in my car – I was quite popular in the parking lot. There was one guy using a CD case to scrape his car; yes, quite creative. Figures – he’s on the Graphic Design team. Anyway, there was a bit of sliding on the road but I made it home safe and sound to finish off the work day.

Maizey was glad to have me home, but not impressed with the whole working thing. She kept smacking at my laptop. (Yes, I stayed in my work clothes for a while. I was wearing tights and Five Bamboo. Five Bamboo on cold days is the clothing equivalent of comfort food.)

2013 01 25 13 50 33

I lit candles all over the house. They provide extra heat, right?? At least they look pretty.

2013 01 25 16 24 36

I finally logged off work and let Maizey overtake me with her snuggling. And I put on a hoodie to signify the end of the workday. But the tights and Five Bamboo skirt remain.

IMG 7603

But she quickly got bored with me and decided to get drunk off her peanut butter kong.

IMG 7605
Luckily I am all stocked up on the most important provisions in case I get iced in: wine, wine, crackers, goat cheese, brownie mix (but alas, no Baileys for Baileys Brownies), eggs, chicken, a yoga block, broccoli, and WS Monthly. One of my friends went to Whole Foods and offered to pick up my grocery needs because it was pure insanity in the store. (And because I would rather live off protein powder than go out on the roads again.) Southerners were raiding bottled water, bread, milk and batteries. We raided wine.

2013 01 25 15 46 43

Stay warm and if you’re in these yucky conditions, please be safe!

What would be/are your emergency provisions that you’d stock up on if you couldn’t get to the store for a few days?


  • Whitney @ The Newlywed Chefs

    Hey Teri! We hunkered down here, too! Ice is no fun. Hope all is well!

  • Anne

    Oh my goodness! This was my first ice storm (being a Florida girl). I must have passed 15 wrecks on my normally hour long communte home!

  • purelylori

    peanut butter kong — Jax loves his! actually he is licking it to death right now 🙂
    we need a doggie play date once it gets warm, let the dogs play and us ladies enjoy some wine!

  • RLR at Mom's Magic

    Hmmm… I’m a typical Southerner, so milk, eggs, and bread are always on my list. Mainly because we LOVE breakfast at any time of day. Also, I like to bake on snow days, which makes those eggs extra important! I planned meals for this week (which is unusual) and shopped on Tuesday, so we were already pretty well stocked. I realized this morning that we were out of bread, but figured I could bake a loaf. Then I realized that a shopping trip was not optional because I had another big must-have item on my list … tp! Wouldn’t want to run out of that!
    I like your list of provisions even more, though. Goat cheese and crackers – yum!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      that is so funny b/c somebody posted on twitter, “Why do southerners always make french toast when there is a storm?” Guess it’s the bread + egg + milk they stock up on!

  • Maria

    We will never, hardly ever get snow or ice here in sunny California, but my husband and I have earthquake kits in our cars and one in our apartment. They contain bottled water, water purification tablets and get this: giant lemon flavored blocks that you eat off of for calories. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, it tastes like a Luna Lemon Zest bar.

    We did get a frost the other morning and I saw native Californians pouring hot water on their windshields. Newbs.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      sunny Cali. Sigh. That is so smart to have emergency kits in your car!

      hahaha – i laughed at the image of people pouring hot water on their cars.

  • Michael B

    Quick note on the snow vs sleet stuff: Basically, it happens when the temperature is below freezing at ground level and above freezing in the upper atmosphere. All precipitation starts out as snow/ice, but when it falls through the atmosphere, it turns into rain if the atmospheric temperature goes above freezing. It then might refreeze when it enters our ground-level atmosphere if the temps are below freezing — and that means we get sleet. Or if the air is too thin to make sleet, the rain freezes when it hits the ground — and we get freezing rain.

    Got that?? I took a meteorology class at NC State …. and I just googled it :). Oh, and you have impeccable taste in reading material.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      i got it! haha. I actually took a meteorology class at BYU – loved it – but I didn’t remember those details. 🙂

  • Meg

    Lets see… Wine, diet coke, diapers, peanut butter, tomato soup. I’d be good for a couple days with those provisions! Glad I didn’t have to leave the house last night but sad the ice storm kept us from our date!

  • [email protected]

    I live in New England where it can be freezing rain for the morning commute, sunny all day, then snow for the drive home:-(
    I try to keep stocked on everything essential this time of year but I’d definitely run to the store in an ice storm if I was out of coffee or chocolate!

  • Trisha

    Man, I wish I got to leave work early every time we had freezing rain here in Wisco! Even though that type of weather is much more common ’round these parts, and business pretty much goes on as usual, the grocery stores are also nutso when that weather threatens. I’m usually content with a growler of beer and a load of carbs. 😉

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I don’t know how people travel in freezing rain! I was so glad they let us go home before it got too bad.

      • Trisha

        We actually had a pretty good ice storm last night, and while I was grateful to be cozy at home, I was cracking up hearing my friends talk about their walks home from dinner/bars and comparing all of their bruised knees and cut up hands. That sounds so mean, but like I said, us Wisconsinites don’t ever let the weather deter our plans for going out or getting drunk! 😉 Unfortunately in the restaurant industry, that also means that I don’t get days off for inclement weather. LUckily, they do postpone or cancel school so no kiddos have to be on the roads when it gets ugly. 🙂

  • amy

    We had a couple snows last week and one freezing rain here in VA. Your comment about the ice scraper made me laugh because I couldn’t find mine & used one of my rubber swimming fins that happened to be in the back seat to scrape the snow off my car. I scraped my older lady neighbor’s car with it too. My husband was so embarrassed when I told him. Gotta use what you have! 🙂
    As unglamorous as it sounds I made a trip to Target to stock up on toilet paper. It’s the sad truth. 🙂