The Weekender

Happy Monday friends! Sorry for the delay in the Weekender. I just didn’t get around to blogging yesterday! And now that I’ve started watching season 1 of Homeland, I may never get around to blogging again. I kid, I kid. 😉

I did have a great weekend once the ice melted. I went to Anna’s birthday brunch with the most amazing foodie spread, and met some pretty great ladies! And then I had a yummy dinner at Meg’s house on Saturday night – salmon, rice, salad and veggies. Quite impressive – I’m lucky to get one protein + one side on the table so it was a treat to have a complete home-cooked meal. Thanks Meg! 

Ok, onto The Weekender!

The Weekender

I think I may be allergic to wine. Seriously. 

These are the best-selling cookbooks of 2012 and then a list that the Huff think should have been chosen. 

This made me want to put down the weights to tone up.

Do you practice yoga? Don’t get injured. 

Do you have a Macbook? Speed it up!


The Week in Fitness

S – 45 min elliptical

M – Run 7.5 miles

T – yoga

W – 4 mile run 

Th – full body weights + 4. 5mile run (intervals)

F – 20 min. elliptical

S – rest

Do you have any allergies? I think I’m allergic to penicillin. I got a rash when I was a kiddo the last time I took it. And I guess you could say I’m allergic to wheat and dairy on some level but I’ve never been tested. 


  • Purelytwins

    We are both very sensitive to wine (we both have been tested) but we still enjoy it! One thing we cannot give up yet.

  • [email protected] eatcleaneatreal

    Oh nooooo….I would cry if I was allergic to wine 🙁

    I am allergic to cats though. Thats always a bummer. And of course my parents have one now so I cant even sit on the couch and watch TV when I go home!

  • Meghan

    Wine allergy?! No way. No way.

    I’m allergic to crab. I ate crabcakes and smash n’ eat crabs to my heart content when I lived in Baltimore, and then all of a sudden one day I broke out in hives eating them. Every since then, none for me. It’s heartbreaking.

    We had so much fun on Sat (both events), glad you could join us for dinner!

  • hilaryjean

    Oddly enough, I am allergic to extremely cold water/air! I didn’t have the allergy all my life, either, so I am perplexed what set it off later in life. Awesome week in fitness for you! I still get nervous in some yoga poses, even after years of of practice – usually inversions & wheel – I am super paranoid about injuring my neck!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      that is a crazy allergy – never heard of that!

      it’s funny – I’ve never had issues with wheel. But inversions like forearm stand or headstand terrify me without the wall right next to me.

  • Lauren

    I’m allergic to penicillin. When I was in 5th grade, I broke out into hives, bad, after a few days of heavy penicillin use. Well, I thought I was dying. Seriously! I covered it up and hid it from my mom because I didn’t want her to take me away to the hospital to die. I think I hid it for 2 days before the hives started showing on my face. Haha, oh my, live and learn. 🙂

  • [email protected] for the Soul

    Ehh sounds funny but I hate alcohol! Blech, the taste and the way it makes me feel 0_0 I’ve tried wine about 3 times and all the 3 times I forced myself to take a few sips and ended up dizzy and super red…but my dad gets really red too! lol. I heard that that’s an indication that we’re allergic? But don’t quote me on that 😛

    I don’t think I’m allergic but MAY have a sliiiiight sensitivity to white flour type foods because I always get a headache when I eat noodles made out of white flour! But if it’s there I’ll still eat it, hehe. And I’m def. allergic to cats and my husband and I have one. I always have to be careful to wash my hands and not lie down too much on certain surfaces, oh and claritin is my life saver. I hope you have a great day Teri!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      ummmm i WISH i hated wine. 🙂

      Ellie! that’s exactly what happens to me when I eat any gluten products! And I get just kind of foggy in my thinking. I feel so much better without it in my diet.

  • Christie

    Allergic to wine? I. DIE.