Cuppa Tea

Hey guys! Happy Saturday! I’m sipping here sipping matcha tea, compliments of The Republic of Tea.
[Boring full disclosure: The Republic of Tea sends me free shipments of tea and tea accessories every month for a few months. All opinions are my own and I’ll tell you guys what I really think about the products.]  

IMG 7862

They recently contacted me about joining their Tea Team and was super excited for a couple reasons.

  1. I love tea.
  2. I love The Republic of Tea products but I’m cheap and usually wouldn’t shell out the money for them, even though they aren’t that pricey when you calculate a per cup price.
  3. I really like the Sip by Sip rather than Gulp by Gulp lifestyle they promote as one of their key brand messages. I think it’s a good reminder to sit and savor whatever you are doing, whether it’s drinking tea, reading a book, enjoying a good meal, drinking wine, or going on a walk. Sip by Sip, to me, means that you take in everything you do doing at that moment and enjoy the present – not trying to rush and get on to the next thing.

Since I’ve been drinking the tea they’ve sent me, I’ve realized how much better it is than the generic brand tea I’d been drinking previously. Last month I got some white tea, black tea, green tea and hibiscus tea. The green was a solid good basic green and the hibiscus was really rich – loved it!

IMG 8022

But my favorite is the white tea – seriously it’s unbelievable. I’ve already gone through the container they sent me and bought another.

IMG 7896

I wasn’t a big fan of their black tea with peach, but I must be an exception because its one of their best sellers and many people commented on Instagram how much they love this tea. Maybe it’s the peach flavor that’s not my thing? I dunno.

IMG 7918

I use a lot of loose-leaf tea at home, but at work sometimes I’m running between meetings and don’t have time to go through all the loose-leaf prep and clean-up so the individual satchels are perfect for me.

Stay tuned for another post next week about The Republic of Tea and their latest shipment to me. There’s a little perk for you too! 🙂

What’s your favorite kind of tea? Black? Green? Loose leaf? Satchel?

Ok, now I’m off to get some things done before a super fun activity this afternoon. I’m meeting up with Lori & Michelle from Purely Twins. yay! I haven’t seen Michelle in almost a year and it’s been almost two years since I’ve seen Lori when we all went to the Tanglewood Wine Festival.



  • Michael

    Tea is awesome, right? I was a bit of a tea snob before I became the coffee snob I am today… My favorites are the Precious White Peach from Teavana (but it’s really pricey), and the white teas from Adiagio. (They’re much more reasonably priced!)

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Teavana has fabulous teas. 🙂 So now that i know you truly have good taste 😉 share your coffee snobbery secrets.

      I’m excited to check out Adiagio!

  • Maria

    The white orange blossom tea is out.of.this.world. It’s what got me hooked to white tea.

    Other brand of white that you might enjoy (it’s my hands down favorite) is Bentley’s white tea (you can buy it in tins on Amazon). The best flavor is ginger peach. I’ve tried the The Republics’s black peach and didn’t like as well, but I LOVE the ginger peach from Bentley’s. It also makes your kitchen smell amazing.

    Sorry for the book, just really love my tea here 🙂

  • BroccoliHut

    Loved this review! I drink tea on a daily basis, so I’m always looking for new ones to try. These days, I’ve been grooving on green tea, but my preference varies by the season.

  • Kristina @Run and Assimilate

    I love both kinds, right now I’m really into teas with added spices-like orange spice tea.

  • Purelytwins

    we are slowly learning to love tea 🙂
    we have been enjoying peppermint tea lately, we need to start expanding into different flavors.

    thanks again for meeting up with us yesterday!! we had such a blast, crazy how fast the afternoon went yesterday 😉
    we will be in touch here with our next meet-up date.


  • Brenda Breining

    I LOVE rooibos tea (red tea from Africa). I read that it isn’t truly a tea, but is always found in the tea section. Naturally caffeine free and totally yummy.

  • Dee

    I haven’t found a tea of theirs that I didn’t like. LOL I think their Ginger Peach is one of my favorites. Second would be their Earl Grey.

  • Maureen

    I am a HUGE fan of their tea!! So delicious!!

  • Stephanie @ Legally Blinde

    Ooh, I love the Republic of Tea! I’m a big fan of their Be Well Red Tea collection – I just tried the “get clean” one the other day and it was really tasty. I also love getting looseleaf tea from Teavana (and trying all of the samples whenever I go into the store!). Mariage Freres and David’s Tea are also favorites of mine. And I love Lady Grey tea by Twinings. I’m always excited to try a new flavor/ blend/ brand of tea – there are so many options!

  • West Coast Miles

    Not as exotic as Republic of Tea, but Lipton Ginger Twist is my all time favorite, never fails tea. They don’t sell it in California (where I live) for some reason so I always have to stock up when I’m home (in Boston). Its amazing.