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The Weekender, a winery, and finally a cold-shoulder top I like!!

The weekender with my favorite links + a quick weekend recap. Wineries and cold-shoulder tops are meant for each other. Especially if said cold-shoulder top is wine-colored. I love the Topshop Polly Ruffle Bardot Top!

The Weekender: Favorite Links

  • This is such an interesting article about self control. These lines totally resonated with me.
    • The people who said they excel at self-control were hardly using it at all. 
    • People who are better at selfcontrol actually enjoy the activities some of us resist— like eating healthy, studying, or exercising. So engaging in these activities isn’t a chore for them. It’s fun. — This is so true. I find eating healthy and exercising fun. And, I happened to like studying when I was in school.
    • People who are good at self-control also tend to have good habits — like exercising regularly, eating healthy, sleeping well, and studying. Oh, hey this sounds familiar.
  • Running while female. This podcast resonated with me to the point of anger and tears while I ran on Saturday. If you’re a runner, male or female, you need to listen. If you’re not a runner, but have a female you love in your life who runs, you need to listen. And if you’re a male who isn’t a runner and has ever heard another man harass a woman while running or walking, you need to listen. And if you’re a male reading this and you’ve harassed a woman in any way while she is running or walking, get the hell off my blog. You’re not welcome here.

Phew, okay, clearly that whole subject is a passion point for me. I’ll be sharing more on this topic eventually. I get harassed in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY at least once a day when I walk Maizey and usually once a week when I run. And it’s freaking frustrating. Starting the conversation and not ignoring the issue is one way to make a difference. Alright, now I need to settle down. Onto wine…

Winery Outing

Tommy and I went to Medaloni Cellars with a group of friends from our CrossFit gym on Saturday. There are a ton of wineries within an hour of Winston, and this particular one is only 20 minutes away. It was a gorgeous day to sit outside with friends, drink wine, eat lots of Trader Joe’s snacks and watch the sunset.

medaloni cellars north carolina

We walked around the property a bit and my friend Alise snapped some photos of Tommy and me; I was so happy she did because we really don’t have that many photos of us. And I kind of love him. Kind of a lot.

medaloni cellars north carolina

topshop bardot ruffle top nordstrom

topshop bardot ruffle top nordstrom

topshop bardot ruffle top nordstrom

Topshop Bardot Ruffle Cold-Shoulder Top

I really haven’t liked the cold-shoulder trend or the distressed denim trend like I mentioned previously so maybe that makes me old or out of it. But when I saw this ruffle cold-shoulder top on, I instantly fell in love. I loved the color and the style. And I knew it was something I could wear for a date night or also under a flowy cardigan. I’m so happy I got it. I was going to wear it to dinner on Friday night, but I ended up saving it to wear to the winery the next day. The weather was perfect for it. Plus, I figured it’d hide wine spills. 😉 But alas, I dripped melty chocolate on it instead of wine.

topshop bardot ruffle top nordstrom

topshop bardot ruffle top nordstrom

It dresses up beautifully with heels (those are my beloved Guess Carrie pumps that I’ve had multiple pairs of over the years!), and it also paired well with my booties on Saturday. And I think it’d be gorgeous with these. I have a feeling this top will be a go-to for dinner dates and some holiday events we have coming up!

topshop bardot ruffle top nordstrom
Alright, I’m off to get ready for bed. Have a great week!

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  • [email protected] Oats & Rows

    Love that shirt!!

  • Julie

    LOVE the top! The whole outfit is so cute!

  • Colleen

    I listened to the Running While Female podcast, also while running, and it resonated with me, too. I’ve been harassed and even followed over the years, even while jogging with a baby in a stroller! And I understand your anger at the men who have made comments, but I really think *some* of it is out of ignorance, which is why talking about it is so important. So it’s clear that, no, it’s not a compliment to yell at a woman you don’t know, while she is running, or doing anything else.

  • Jenny

    Downloading that podcast right now. Thanks so much for that. ?