How we got engaged!

On Sunday, Tommy and I did a Facebook Live about our engagement story and I wanted to share it here in case you missed it! We’re obviously pros at Facebook Live based on the freeze frame of the video below. 😉

Our engagement story: how Tommy proposed!

I think the engagement was perfect. I love that it was just us, and that I was totally caught off guard. And I love that he involved Maizey. And, of course, I love the ring. 🙂

I’ve had multiple blogging friends who have asked if I’m going to do “Wedding Wednesdays” with weekly updates on the wedding planning. Welllllll I didn’t know that was a thing so I hadn’t thought about it, but it could be a good way to share regular updates if y’all are interested! (I do well with structure and themes, see also: The Weekender & Friday Favorites).

So, let me know if you would would like me do Wedding Wednesdays. I definitely don’t plan to have the wedding overtake the blog and I may not have updates every week, but if you guys are interested, I’m happy to share as things progress!


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  • Katie

    Yes, please share wedding details 🙂 <3

  • Stephanie

    Yes, of course!:)

  • Tracy

    So cute! So glad you shared the FB video. I vote “yes” on Wedding Wednesday!

  • Erin Veggie

    You two are the CUTEST!