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Wedding Wednesday Update 6: Bought my dress & booked a wedding planner/coordinator!

Wow, I feel like a lot has happened since the last wedding update! I finally bought my wedding dress and found a wedding planner who is a perfect fit for me. And suddenly everything feels easier.  Although, to be honest, lately I’ve often felt super overwhelmed with everything happening in life (wedding + work + house hunting + blogging + trying to launch a new websi), and I have to remind myself that these are all really wonderful things and to not let the stress outweigh the joy of this phase of life. This daily devotional couldn’t have come at a better time when I feel so strapped for time and frustrated by house hunting.

So, here’s what has been happening!

Bought a dress

I was driving myself CRAZY with dress hunting. I went to 5 different stores and tried on probably over 40 dresses…maybe even more. Ahem. There were two major contenders and the way I finally made the decision was thinking about which felt more like a wedding dress. The one I didn’t get was BEAUTIFUL, but I think it could have been another color and easily worked for a black tie event. And I definitely wanted a wedding gown. I finally pulled the trigger, and I’m SO excited. I can’t wait for Tommy to see it!! (Pardon the quadruple chin terrible selfie shot.)

I’m the type who will research something FOREVER, delaying a decision, and my wedding planner/coordinator really helped me pull the trigger since she negotiated the pricing with the store. (She’s amazing. More on that below.) I’m so glad to have the dress done – I feel like I got my Saturdays back now that I don’t have to dress-hunt anymore. And now I need to find a veil and find shoes so I can start alterations.


On that note, I saw these heels last week and was DYING over how beautiful they are. I was also DYING over the price tag. Oof. I definitely want heels that I can wear again, and I think I could wear these again for a black tie event. Not that those come up often, but I DO think I could wear them again. And that counts for something. Now that they’re 40% off (!!!!) with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’m really trying to justify them, GAH! So pretty.

Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

Booked a wedding planner/coordinator

Like I had mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to use Jenny from Muse & Delphia to help with the wedding. Then it turned out that the date we picked in October was the one date she couldn’t do. Jenny and I continued to work on a lot of the big things until I could bring on a new planner who was comfortable picking up where Jenny and I gotten to, and also partnering with Jenny if anything else comes up. (NOT all wedding planners or coordinators were willing with a partnership like that and got super snooty and simply didn’t listen to what was and wasn’t important to me. If you’re local and want deets on who that was, let me know. Ugh.)

Anyway, my friend Kate referred me to Marla from Marla Lawson Events and we finally met in person after emailing for a few weeks AND I LOVE HER. Holy crap, she is amazing. She’s such a good fit for my personality and was totally comfortable with the partnership with Jenny. I’ve officially had Marla on for a week and she GETS. STUFF. DONE. I’ve been blown away by how on top of things she is without overwhelming me. She helped me finalized my invitations, negotiated my dress and booked my final appointment to try on & buy, coordinated some details with our venue, researched suit options for Tommy, plus a lot more. I’m SO SO SO grateful for her.

I have two other friends who are engaged and have since met with her and loved her as well. So I know I’m not the only one who has been impressed! If you’re engaged and anywhere near NC, I highly recommend Marla or Jenny.

Booked a florist

I’ve followed Green Bee Floral on Instagram for a long time because their work is just so beautiful. And I was NOT that un-engaged person following wedding vendors, so I was following out of real love. 😉  They were my first choice when I started looking for florists, and I’m SO happy they are available! Seriously – go look and swoon.

Scheduled engagements

We’re doing an engagement session with Hooman in June. I still need to figure out what I’m wearing and where we’ll do it, but I’m so excited to get great pictures of us since we really don’t have many pictures of us other than selfies and a few Holly took for us last year (including the best photo of us in 2016 and perhaps of all time). And of course, Maizey will come along for the pics too!

House hunting continues…

This is one thing that I really try not to stress over since I absolutely can’t control it. But there just isn’t much coming on the market right now and we have a hard deadline with the wedding…and we really don’t want to move into another rental. I just have to trust that God has the right house waiting for us, at the right time. In the meantime, I’m trying to not make myself crazy with compulsively checking Zillow.

I hope you’re having a great week and that you have some great Memorial Day plans ahead. Tommy and I are headed to Utah to see my family and I can’t wait to see everyone!!

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  • Amber

    Yay! Glad everything is coming together. I cannot believe you’re doing all this + house hunting!

  • Mary Adams

    I think I know which dress you chose!!! Love the shoes too. Safe travels to you and Tommy. We’ll talk when y’all get back??

  • Leigh

    Yay! So glad you found the perfect fit for planner! Just like every bride is different, ever planner is different. There is the right fit out there for everyone! I hate that someone was snooty to you.. never good! I will say that we all have our own process and it’s more about finding the right fit than anything! Happy planning! Xo

  • Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

    You’ve gotten a lot done! A wedding planner will help you a lot. Personally, I’ve done wedding planning, my sister and her husband have a DJ business and one of my best friends is a wedding photographer – and it still surprises me how competitive people are in the wedding vendor business! I truly think ”community over competition” but not everyone feels that way. I’m glad you found a planner you like!

  • Amanda @amanda-isms

    I’ve heard that devotional was so good! I need to get on that…Love reading your wedding updates. I’m glad you found the perfect fit for a coordinator. It will be so fun to see the dress!

  • Stephanie

    Love your wedding posts and can’t wait to see your dress!