What I’m keeping & what’s going back from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hellllooooo! I am SO flipping happy right now because I am taking tomorrow off work. I’ve totally fried lately because work has been insane. Granted, my grand plan on my day off is to…work, but on my own projects — running errands, catching up on emails, working on some blog projects and continuing to pack since I’m moving in a month. Sometimes we just need more time to do life, right?

One of my errands tomorrow is to pack up and send back some things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (If you missed my sale picks posts, you can see them here.) I thought it’d be fun to show you what I’m loving — and what I’m hating, ha! — from my order!


These pajama pants. OBSESSED. They are so soft and they aren’t too hot, which is amazing since I get super hot when I sleep. They’re really flattering too, and I think it’s important to feel cute in sleep clothes! Plus, they’re only $25. Get them immediately.

Tank top | lounge pants | sandals | watch

The swimsuit selection was SO good this year!! I love the patterned one piece and the bikini. I’m on the fence about the light colored swimsuit since it’s VERY close to my skin tone. Ahem. Maybe if I had more of a tan it would look okay, but right now, it just kind of looks like I’m not wearing anything. And that’s not really the look I want. It comes in black, but I think it’d be too similar to the patterned one I love.

Black & white one-piece | black top + matching bottoms| pink one-piece

The leggings and boots are FOR SURE keepers. I’ve wanted them both for years and I finally got them! The leggings have the best fit and the boots are super comfortable. (It looks like the boots are currently only available in brown, which are also gorgeous, but they may restock the black ones so keep checking!)

The top is a keeper too. Turtlenecks usually make me claustrophobic, but this mock neck top is perfect. It’s super flattering, soft and cozy. It’ll be a great layering piece for fall. Definitely keeping. It’s only $19!

Top | leggingsboots | earrings | similar necklace here | similar purse here | watch

I posted about these jeans on Instagram, but HOLY CRAP THEY ARE AMAZING. I have really muscular quads and glutes and these fit like a dream. And they’re only $41! What?! I sent back a pair of Paige jeans + a pair of Sevens that I ordered and instead ordered an additional pair of the Articles of Society jeans. I really hope I like them over time, i.e. they don’t stretch out.

Blouse | pants | shoes | watch

I am OBSESSED with these shoes. They are so comfy, right out of the box. I also ordered them in burgundy.


I was on the fence about these leggings but I really love them now. I really struggle with distressed denim and leggings with cutouts, so this is pushing my style boundaries. 😉 The sneakers were a sale purchase too and they’re SO comfy. I love the sock-like upper.

capris | top | sports bra (on sale! the best!) | shoes

Going Back

This long vest is beautiful and so soft! But, I sent it back because I forgot I have a very similar one that Tommy’s mom gave me last year. This is a different color, so I may regret not keeping it since it’s now sold out! I loved it!

Top | leggings | cardigan vest (sold out) + similar in stock | boots | earrings | similar necklace here | similar purse here| watch

I’ve also wanted this blazer for years and I was excited it was on sale now that Nordstrom sells some J.Crew things, but this one was HUGE on me. I think J.Crew’s sizing is nuts…this is a 0 and was massive. I wish they had it in petites.

Blazer | blouse | leggings | boots | similar bag here | similar necklace here

This is quite possibly the most unflattering dress EVER. What the heck?! I made fun of it on Snapchat and then instantly put it back in the package to send back. Terrible. (But hey, at least my messy bun was on point – and that NEVER happens. For reals – if I try to have a cute bun, I can’t. But I tossed my hair up in 10 seconds before I took this and it was perfect. Sigh.)

Dress | shoes (similar on sale!) | watch 

I wanted to love these moto leggings since I think the style looks so cute on others…but they just didn’t work for me. There was so much happening – lots of stitching, moto, mesh.

I also sized down, which I shouldn’t have so they were too small, which was part of the problem. I felt like my legs were trying to escape through the mesh. Not a good look.


What else I’m wearing

Okay, a couple more outfit picks while I’m on the topic! These aren’t Nordstrom items, but I figured I’d toss them in this post since we’re talking fashion. I got this dress from ThredUp last year and I love it! I think I paid $15 for it? I’m also obsessed with this purse. I’ve wanted a light pink purse for a long time and when this went on sale, I snagged it!

Similar dress here | similar shoes here| similar purse here | earrings | watch

I wore this dress to my bridal shower and loved it. I find Lilly Pulitzer dresses run a little large sometimes, and I wish this was more fitted through the waist, but I still felt pretty — and very bridal. 😉

Similar dress here & here | shoes | similar purse here

Alright, I’m off to grab dinner with Tommy. If you ordered things from the sale and they’ve arrived, tell me what you’ve loved and/or hated!

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  • Nancy

    So bummed about this sale. I’m not a Nordstrom card holder but went in on the first day of the sale, in stores…when the flipping mall opened like an eager beaver and everything was sold out. I keep hitting refresh on the Nordstrom site to snag a cardigan I wanted but no luck yet. Also – I discovered Articles of Society jeans just this past fall. Aren’t they terrific? I used to (ok still do) buy my jeans at Zara and they last literally not past six months. Guess it’s because I only have two pairs of jeans at a time. But omg dying for the AOS jeans that don’t cost an arm and a leg.yay!

  • Erin

    Girl!! It looks like they have the jcrew blazer in petite! When you go to pick your size, scroll down below the larger regular sizes and the petite is there. And I have muscular thighs, I’m so bummed those burgundy jeans are sold out!!!!! Love your Anniversay sale reviews! Thanks for sharing!