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My Favorite Wardrobe Staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Access for All Day! That’s an official holiday. I just deemed it so. (Hey, if there is a National Lollipop Day (yesterday actually) and a National [insert whatever the heck you want] Day, then there is certainly a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Access for All Day. 🙂

I know I’m a broken record on this, but SHOP EARLY. Find what you want and check out. You can always buy more stuff later, but if you let stuff sit in your cart, it will be gone. This happened to me multiple times even with Early Access this year, so things will probably sell even more quickly now that the sale is open to everyone. (If you missed my previous posts about the sale, I linked them at the bottom including my picks for activewear and shoes.)

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a really great time to stock up on wardrobe staples, like t-shirts, sweaters, leggings and classic purses. I definitely spend the bulk of my shopping budget during this sale because the deals are just so good. And it’s not items that aren’t very popular – it’s some of their very most popular items at amazing prices. I could rave all day about this sale, but let’s get into the details!

My Favorite Wardrobe Staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Why I love them

1 – This sports bra –  This has been my favorite running bra for a while so it’s a no-brainer purchase. It’s only $25, which is unheard of for sports bras! I have it in this striped version too, which is really cute peeking out from tanks.

2 – These leggings –  They have a cult following for a reason. They’re flattering, affordable and work well with boots in the fall. Done.

3 – This purse – This purse would work well year-round so it’s a great investment. Blush picks up darker shades of fall outfits nicely so it still looks cute, and it’s a no-brainer in the spring and summer.

4 – This top – This top is perfect for work or date night. Works well alone or layered under a cardigan.

5 – T-shirts (striped and solid) – I stock up on these during the sale. They’re so affordable, comfortable and fit really well.

6 – Long-sleeved striped tee – I got one of these last year and it layered so well! It’s cute under vests or peeking out from a sweater, or layered with a scarf. (It’d be cute to mix patterns with this scarf!)

7 – These jeans –  These were one of the top-selling items in the 2016 sale; apparently they fit and feel amazing. I’m not a huge fan of the raw hem style, but I figure I’ll have to get them tailored anyway since I’m so short and they can change that. 🙂

8 – This long vest –  I strangely love long vests…I think because it’s basically like wearing a blanket.

9 – This plaid shirt –  You really can’t have enough plaid for fall! I love the colors of this one.

10 – This cardigan –  Such a cute cardigan for the fall. I have it in white and black and plan to get the green this year. It’s only $30!

11 – This pullover –  I got a Patagonia pull-over last year and wore it all.the.flipping.time. The BEST.

12 – This jacket – I love a good fatigue jacket! Mine is from J.Crew but this one looks a little more fitted, which I would prefer honestly.

Some of these items already came in the mail, and I’ll be sharing pics on Instagram as I start to try things on so be sure to follow along!

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Happy shopping!!

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  • Hillary

    Do you own a pair of the high waist Zella leggings? They look awesome for $35!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I have a couple pairs and I LOVE THEM. I’ve always had colored or patterns one thought. I just got the black pair I ordered from the sale today and they’re amazing!