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The Weekender: Last Week’s Workouts + Favorite Links

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Mine has absolutely flown by. I cannot believe it’s Sunday night. Both yesterday and today, I looked at the clock around 3:00 and was like where did the day go?!?! Yesterday was my birthday and it was absolutely a PERFECT day – I’ll share a recap tomorrow. And today has been low-key but productive: church, brunch with friends, knocking out some wedding decisions, and packing. (I have a moving update coming soon too.) I didn’t mean to take a week+ off blogging but there is just so much happening lately. All good things but woah, time is flying.

If you are in Texas or Florida and have been impacted or may be impacted with the storm, I’m sending prayers your way. North Carolina is under a state of emergency tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like it will be bad here. Just rain and wind. Nothing like what’s happening elsewhere. I have some dear friends in Florida and they seem to be handling it so well. I’ve been worried sick about them all weekend. (Looking at you Kate. Please be safe.)

Okay, onto the Weekender with favorite links + last week’s workouts + a couple of current sales.

Favorite Links:

Amazon Prime Members Will Get Special Discounts at Whole Foods Market – HEYO!

Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance – I LOVE this. I want to give this article to people who tell me I run too much, that I work too much, that I “insert anything I’m passionate about and they aren’t” here.

Dirty Chai Dark Chocolate Flourless Brownies – these sound AMAZING.

Good Reads for (New & Not-So-New) Mamas – Whenever I have kids, I’m going to need some serious training. I’m clueless.


Recent Workouts

M – REST. We were in Boone last Monday and were planning to do Crossfit up there, but decided to take it easy all weekend instead.

T- Bootcamp at Top Tier CrossFitI don’t know what was going on, but I felt HORRIBLE on Tuesday. Migraine, nausea and exhaustion. I went to Bootcamp that night, hoping it would make me feel better, but I scaled the workout a lot and took it very easy.

W – 6.9 miles, 8:08 pace + Crossfit

  • I woke up feeling totally fine and my run felt AMAZING. I went to CrossFit that night and had a great workout too!

WOD: 4 rounds of 5 deadlifts + 15 kettlebell swings + 30 seconds of hand-release push-ups. Deadlifts were increasing weight and I did 175, 175, 195, 195. I did one rep at 205 and dropped back down since it did NOT feel good at that weight. We finished with 4 rounds of 250m row sprints and it was BRUTAL. My legs felt like they were going to give out on me.

Th – 4 miles; 8:44 pace. My legs were dead from deadlifts but it was a gorgeous morning!

F- 5.7 miles; 8:18 pace + Crossfit

  • My legs were still dead from deadlifts but I couldn’t say no to a run with Kim. The mornings have been GORGEOUS. Low 50s and low(ish) humidity!

blue long sleeved top | watch | shoes

My legs felt better that evening and the WOD looked so good so I also went to Crossfit. It’s been fun to be back this week since I haven’t made it there very often!

WOD: 5 sets of 2 reps back squats. (I worked up to 125 lbs.) + 4 rounds of 25 wall balls, 13 toes to bar (I subbed v-ups), 7 power cleans (I used 65 lbs). I finished in 11:44.

Top | leggings are sold out | shoes (40% off!)| watch

Sa – 9.2 miles, 8:23 pace

  • 9 miles for a 9/9 birthday!  My legs were too beat up from Crossfit for the run to feel good, but again, the weather was irresistible!!!


Total Miles: 25.9

How I’m Feeling: My left hamstring is really bothering me, and I’m trying to stretch regularly…but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. :/ I’ve back my mileage off a bit too and it didn’t seem to help. Not sure what to do. But, I’ve been so happy to be back at Top Tier CrossFit this week! I actually dropped my membership from unlimited to a punch card a few weeks ago. I’m not getting there consistently with so much going on right now + some work travel and it didn’t make financial sense. I’ll likely go back to unlimited once we get back from our honeymoon and things settle down a bit! I miss seeing my friends there!

Current Sales:

J.Crew: up to 70% off sale items. I ordered this swimsuit in navy for our honeymoon. (I got a size 2.)

J.Crew Factory: Buy one, Get one free shoes! Use code SHOESPLZ. I really want these in both colors.

Loft: 50-75% off with code SPREE

The Nordstrom summer sale ends today (9/10)! I meant to get up a post about this since there are so many good things (not only summer items!), but I didn’t get to it. Sorry!  These boots, which sold out during the Anniversary Sale, are back in stock and on sale again! I love mine!


Alright, I’m off to eat dinner! Have a great night!


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  • Mina

    I’ve been dealing with some high hamstring tendinopathy. I went to my sports chiro and for my issue he said to keep running but to stop stretching, foam rolling is ok. He also gave me some strengthening exercises to do. I’m starting week 11 of marathon training (my first!) and I feel ok. Getting all my miles in but nor doing any speed work.

  • Amber

    Happy Birthday!

    Loved the links for new mamas, getting close now and trying to absorb everything I can haha.

  • Emily

    Hi there! At what temperatures do you start wearing long sleeved shirts with crops or shorts? I’m in Atlanta and I hate being cold when starting a run, but heat up fairly quickly. Happy belated! Thanks!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      It depends on the humidity which impacts how cold it actually feels…but in general if it’s around 50 degrees or cooler, I wear long sleeves!