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Below are the items I currently use on a daily basis for my skincare and make-up. To read my previous blog posts about Beautycounter, click here.

My Favorite Beautycounter Products


Skin Care


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I’m a Beautycounter consultant and I truly love the company – their mission, their products and their affordable pricing for high-quality, safe products. I’m super careful about what I put into my body by selecting and eating healthy food, so it’s kind of silly I haven’t been more careful about what I put into my body through the skincare products I use. Not anymore. I’m making a conscious effort to switch to safer beauty and skincare products — and so far, Beautycounter has been the best way for me to do that. I like their products, I don’t have to do a ton of research since I know all their stuff is safe, and it’s not crazy expensive.

I really love sharing the best Beautycounter products I discover with my blog readers. And I would love to help you make the switch to safer beauty products too (even if it’s a slow transition, which is what I’ve been doing! Small steps are better than no progress at all!). If you have any Beautycounter questions or need help selecting a product, I would love to help so feel free to send me an email: