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New-to-Me Workout Gear Review: YMX Tops & Koss headphones

Hi friends! Happy (almost) Friday. Or Happy Friday, if you are, in fact, reading this on Friday. The week flew by for me – busy time at work right now plus I was out of the office. And holy crap, small world, apparently some of you were in Charleston this weekend too and I even chatted with one of you and didn’t know it! ha! (Kate, I’m totally bummed we didn’t get to chat more at Drayton now that I know! 🙂 ) I love how small the blog world can be. 

I’ve been posting on Instagram about some new workout gear I’ve been trying lately (sent to me for free as part of my ambassadorship with Fitfluential). Some of you have asked questions about them so I’m following up here! 

Remember the Koss earbuds that I told you about that fell out while running? Well, Koss also has headphones with little ear clips that I tried today on my run. They worked like a charm! I’ve always liked headphones with earhooks since nothing – seriously nothing – stays in my ears and the hooks catch them. But these actually stayed in well and the few times they did get loose I could just push them back in. Plus, the sound was really, really good.

Bottom line: I’d spend my own money on the Koss FitClips headphones, especially given the price – $29. And especially since they come in multiple colors and I can get them to match my Vibrams. 😉 [this was actually a coincidence – I didn’t pick the color.]

If you want to try them yourself, you can get $5 off your order at with the coupon code Fit4Life. LUCKY! Said in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice.

IMG 9179

I’ve also been trying out some new tops from YMX. They are really bright with funky patterns. Not something I would pick out in the store, but I actually really like them! 

IMG 9134

I especially like this one – love the color and even the pattern! They have the perfect amount of stretch – not so much that it’s entirely form fitting but enough that it doesn’t flop all over. I seriously love the fit of these. And the fabric is awesome…it’s so thin and light!! The tops passed the weight training and Pure Barre test – super comfy. 

IMG 9175

But the real test was a run. I took it for a trial run (heh) on the treadmill tonight. [Um, yes, my Ellie shorts are very short. And that’s saying something because I am very short.]

IMG 9178

And it passed with flying colors tonight! I get really sweaty when I run so my tops get kind of heavy and uncomfortable and I didn’t notice the top at all, which is exactly what I want in a top. It dried almost instantly after I got off the treadmill.

IMG 9181

This is my happy face when I have a great run assisted by comfy tops.

IMG 9193

Having workout clothes that truly wick and dry quickly is really important to me because I actually get mild hypothermia if I stay in wet clothes after working out. (One time, doing a 180 mile relay race, my team had to turn on the heat in the van in mid-July because I got hypothermia after staying in wet clothes, even though it was 100+ degrees! Yeah….they probably hated me.) I still want to see how this top performs in the humidity because generally I run in just a sports bra because I get so hot. But I have high hopes for this! I’ll let you know. 

Bottom line: would I spend my own money on these tops? Absolutely. I want more. And I’d like to try their bottoms too, even though I’m not crazy about the patterns. What can I say, I’m boring. 

Random side note: check out these crazy clouds tonight. It went dark outside in about 5 minutes when this crazy storm rolled in. The pictures don’t even do it justice. It was so eerie. 

IMG 9188

IMG 9191

Alright, have a great night/morning/day/weekend! I’m super excited for this weekend because it’s Bobby & Liz’s wedding!!!! (Remember their engagement party I threw last year?) Well, the wedding is here!!!! I’m a bridesmaid and so excited for the big day. So happy for them, the cute little lovebirds. I’m probably gonna sob my eyes out; it’s gonna be great. 😉



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  • RLR at Mom's Magic

    We had those weird clouds here, too. There were two “holes” and one was sort of rolling over itself – like you were looking at something overflowing the top of a jar, but from the inside.
    Those running shirts are so pretty – glad to hear they got a thumbs up after your run!

  • Melissa C

    I am happy to hear your shirt passed the running test! (I asked about it on instagram) I will definitely order one of these as I hate when my running shirts are wet and heavy. Great job on your run!

  • Marla

    I love your blog. But seriously, why suddenly all the blurry large smile picture on yours and another blog? It hurts my eyes! Am I missing something?

    • teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I didn’t realize i had lots of blurry large smile pictures. Likely, it’s because my iPhone camera is TERRIBLE, but I refuse to upgrade until the new one comes out. Sorry I’m torturing your eyes. Maybe I just need more make-up? 😉

      • Marla

        No it’s not you! It’s the big yellow ones 🙂

        • Marla

          And, very sorry as I just pulled up the website normally and it is not a problem. It must be a Flipboard issue. It takes all your little yellow smileys and blows them up enormously to a full sized photo. You are beautifu! l so sorry for the misunderstanding :-/

          • teri [a foodie stays fit]

            hahaha! I was so confused! I kept looking at the yellow smileys after your first reply trying to figure out what was going on! My blog editor automatically converts the : ) to a smiley, so I always forget they’re there. Dumb Flipboard!! No need to apologize – if i was having giant smileys on my blog, I’d want to know!

  • Connie

    Thanks for the info on the shirts and the coupon code for the Koss Fitclips, just ordered some, perfect timing.

  • BroccoliHut

    I am so happy to know that I am not the only one who still occasionally references Napoleon Dynamite 🙂
    Love that top on you–it sounds like something I would like, as I sweat a lot during runs too.

  • Meghan

    I love those tanks! They are so fun. I think I need me one for dance trance.

    And I still run with over the head ear phones b/c all ear buds fall out of me ears too! They are the Sony ones that came with my Discman. Holla, 1997.