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3 Keeper (and Easy Drinking) Wines

Thanks you guys for all your supportive comments on yesterday’s post. A friend said to me today, “Saying you’re having a hard time is hard to say. But once you say it, others aren’t afraid to say it either and it helps everyone feel less alone.” So, I hope it helped some of you. Group hug, k? 🙂

Since we can’t exactly have a group hug, how about we all share a glass of wine virtually? These bottles are ones that I’ve really enjoyed lately and will definitely keep on hand going forward! 

I rarely buy or order Zinfandels so I’m not sure what prompted me to buy this Cline Ancient Vines Zinfandel (probably the namesake of one of my besties), but I’m glad I did. Crystal and I shared it over girls’ weekend and we both kept saying how great it was.  I think I paid around $10 for this.

IMG 2804

I also don’t know when I acquired this Borsao Garnacha. (I’m now realizing I have an odd habit of opening bottles of wine I don’t remember buying. Maybe I have a wine fairy??) Again, I don’t go for Garnachas often but I really enjoyed this one too. 

IMG 2696

This is a bottle that John and I ordered at 21 & Main in Elkin. The restaurant is a bit off the Winston-Salem beaten path but it’s worth the 40 minute drive. Great food, cool ambiance, good service, small town crowd charm. I heard a rumor that the chef used to own a restaurant in Charleston, SC so he knows his stuff. Anyway, back to the wine. Acrobat Pinot Noir is excellent. It’s one that we’ve had a couple times before and always really enjoy it. It may even be replacing Meiomi as our favorite. It’s a bit pricier ($40 at the restaurant so you could get it cheaper if you bought it at a wine store), but definitely worth it for a special occasion. We are totally kicking ourselves that we didn’t visit the Acrobat winery while we were in Oregon

IMG 2865

What have you been drinking and enjoying lately? 



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  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I am usually a white wine drinker but lately have been trying to get into red wines. This looks like a delicious one!

  • Caryln

    I’m loving all Raylen wines 🙂 especially Category 5. I may be a little bias though ….my boyfriends dad is the winemaker there!

  • christina

    Ahhh Acrobat is so good! My favorite pinot noir is by Baileyana. So goooood.

  • Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Oooh, I love good wine recommendations! Especially Zinfandels — yum! 🙂

  • Mom

    Stephens Mexican Hot Chocolate. Hmmm

  • Emily G.

    Oh yum! I can’t wait to try Acrobat! I LOVE Oregon pinot noir! If you ever see any from Patricia Green winery you should try it, it’s yummy!

  • Livi

    yum- can’t wait to try these!

  • Lauren @ sassy molassy

    Yes, I do like that acrobat! I just finished a bottle of 2011 Erath Pinot noir that I really enjoyed.

  • Liz @ I Heart Vegetables

    Mmm pino noir is my favorite! That’s what we usually drink 🙂 I haven’t really found any big favorites, but that just means I enjoy every glass 😉

  • Meg

    Three cheers for the Cline Zinfandel! Mi favorito!

    I am currently drinking a Cab Sav that is past it’s prime (opened a few days ago) and I’m considering pouring a fresca into it because it *was* a good wine and I hate to waste it. How’s that for keeping it classy?

  • lindsay

    gosh i love them all. Acrobat is a good one, hands down! So is cloudy bay pinot noir, although it can be pricey