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The Art of Napping

I love weekends where it’s a little bit busy and a little bit lazy. And that’s exactly what I had this weekend. Friday night, we stayed in for a simple dinner (John grilled some perfect steaks!)  and on Saturday morning I met up with my friend Anna for a nice, easy long slow run. We ran just about 9 miles at an average 8:30 pace. I love running with a friend; the time just flies by. Plus, the weather was beautiful! 

After the run, I drank a spinach/banana/peach/Plant Fusion smoothie. (Still working on the protein thing!) I vegged a little after that (i.e. watched Scandal…OMG!!! Anyone else caught up? WTF?!!) and then treated myself to some takeout from Thai Sawatdee (green curry with chicken, please and thank you). I vacuumed, mopped, got tired from mopping, FaceTimed Crystal, finished mopping and then took a 45 minute nap.

I was so happy I was able to get about 20 minutes of sleep out of the 45 minutes I was in bed. I set an alarm so I wouldn’t sleep too late in the day and mess up my sleep that night. I really wanted to sleep longer and when I got up, I was still pretty groggy, but I forced myself to get out and enjoy the beautiful 70* temperatures and took Maizey on an hour walk. We were both pooped afterwards. 

Today (Sunday), I headed to Paz Studios for a Power Yoga class. My legs were tired and my left leg particularly has been tight, so my balance and strength have been particularly challenging on that side. But it was still a great practice. After class, I met up with Leslie Ann at Camino Bakery for flourless quiche, almond milk lattes, and girl talk. I had to hurry out because John and I were headed to Greensboro for a 5 mile beer run and I lost track of time (and thought the race started later than it did. Whoops!). More on the race tomorrow – I’m sleepy! In short, it was great, albeit rainy and windy! 

Have a great week! 

Do you nap? I used to nap 2-3 hours every single weekend, usually on Sunday afternoons but I’ve gotten out of the habit. I need to get back into that habit! I have a hard time falling asleep quickly but even 20 minutes or so out of 45 minutes on my back is totally refreshing.

If you are a great napper, any tips for falling asleep quickly??



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  • Stacey

    I love to watch golf but if I lay down with it on I am out like a light.

  • Lauren @ sassy molassy

    The manfriend usually forces me to nap after long runs, which is really in my best interest. I napped for about 30 min Saturday afternoon after doing an exhausting 14.5 mile run. Then I slept 9hrs last night and still felt like I needed more sleep. Basically, long running has taught me I need more sleep than I would expect.

  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    I love napping on Sundays! It is always needed 😉 But I’ve recently gotten out that habit too 🙁

  • Livi

    I can’t nap! I’m so bad at it. My boyfriend naps EVERY DAY, but I just can’t fall asleep in the middle of the afternoon!

  • Stephanie @ Cat Lady Runs

    I LOVE napping on a weekend afternoon too, I feel so refreshed. Usually I can still sleep pretty well at night because its more of my “catch up” sleep for the week. I like to read in bed with the shades drawn and usually I fall asleep pretty quickly and get in a little bit of reading time too!

  • Lauren

    I love a good nap but similar to you I was a hour plus napper on the weekends and it would completely throw my whole day off. I would wake up starving for some weird reason. So tried to avoid them as much as possible. I do let myself sleep without an alarm on Sundays which has been a nice weekend perk.

  • Amber

    YES! I love napping on the weekends. I really try to take at least one nap per weekend and at the very least lay down for a bit and watch TV on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It’s usually not too hard to convince my body to do after a long run.