Shopping for artwork for my new place!

I have been loving my new place in Charlotte . I had it painted this week and finally got most of my furniture this weekend! Hallelujah! I have been without a bed frame for nearly two months and without a couch for over a month. Roughing it was definitely getting old.

Now that it’s finally starting to feel a bit more put together, I’ve been looking for some prints to decorate. I’m obsessed with Minted’s art marketplace and have been pinning a bunch of options, but so far, these are my top contenders. (And here’s my Pinterest board with all the pieces I’ve been drooling over – I’ve found having a Pinterest board with just art helps me really narrow down what I like best!)


I’m leaning towards more pinks and flowers for my bedroom. I have wood furniture that I love, but I want to keep the room feminine and relaxed. (I also got a huge round shag rug that I love that I think helps with the girly factor.)

Blossoming – this is my favorite!

Cherry Blossom in Spring



I’m going with more modern and abstract art work for my office. And I want bright colors!

Best Version 

Applied Relativity 2

Pond Full of Koiimage

Living Room

I’m really struggling with picking out art for my living room. I’m not sure what vibe I want to go with. I need to dig through more options before I decide. I do love the Blue Ginkgo print and think it’d look awesome near my navy couch. And I looove the Arm in Arm print but I feel like I’d have to decorate around it given the bold colors.

Blue Ginkgo

Arm in Arm


How do you pick out art? I’ve never really been strategic about it and have just bought random pieces that don’t always work together. I do have a few prints already that I absolutely love that I want to work into my decor, but I’m also trying to be more thought about establishing an esthetic for each space and creating the vibe I want in each room.

Have you shopped at Minted? I’m newly hooked on the Minted blog, Julep. Such lovely design for all types of things – parties, decor, gifts, invitations!



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  • Christian

    I haven’t shopped at minted before, but when I saw this post I immediately thought of this canvas:


    I think you may find it equally gorgeous!

  • Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed

    We’ve been in our house for 4 months and our living room is still completely bare! I need to pick out some art, but the space is so huge, I think I need to grab some big pieces. It’s a bit overwhelming haha.

  • Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    I love your taste! Great art 🙂

  • Laura

    This is awesome! My fiance and I just bought a house in Chantilly and I’m so overwhelmed thinking about how to decorate. I never knew that Minted had this art marketplace, so I’m about to check it out!!

  • christina

    oooh i love applied relativity and bites. so pretty!! my roommate just bought a really petty print from society6. i think you’d like the site but they have a TON to dig through. here’s the one we just got: http://society6.com/product/like-a-tree-2-version_print#1=45 it’s actually shimmery in real life and so pretty.

  • Shelley

    Have you been to Black Lion yet? I go to the one in Dilworth. And the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall on South Blvd. Both fun places to cruise through! Lots of decorations, furniture and art.