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My Recent Fabletics Picks

Happy Friday! yay weekend! Never mind we’re gonna be drowning over here from the effects of the hurricane – it’s still gonna be a happy weekend. If you need me, I’ll be holed up in Camino Bakery drinking americanos, eating gluten-free quiche and hopefully gluten-free carrot cake if they have that around. 🙂 Oh, and I’ll be dealing with a whiney dog who can’t go on walks in a hurricane. So there will also probably be wine to deal with that situation.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged some Fabletics picks. I was kind of meh on their new stuff for a while, but I really like the last couple items I got and then when I saw the October picks today, I wanted EVERYTHING. So many cute things! I included links to some of the things I’m eyeing from the latest collection below too and will blog about whatever I end up getting!

I love this Pryor Tank! It runs a little large so I’d recommend sizing down. I don’t mind the looseness of it, even though it’s a little bit. But man, their tops are built for people with long torsos…which is not me. All their tanks are long on me, but I am only 5’1″. 🙂 I’m also loving the Salar Capris in the Romantic Print … I think. This is my first pair of patterned leggings so I still feel a little weird and loud in them, but I’ve gotten tons of compliments on them. And, more importantly, they’re super comfy. I’m glad you guys convinced me to branch out from my beloved Lima capris!

IMG 0415

I love the twist detail in the back on the tank. Although I struggle to put it on correctly every dang time. I always end up putting it on inside out somehow. Whoops. (Please note Maizey’s toy she dropped by me right before I took the picture and then how she went and laid down behind me. Joke’s on you pup – you’re in the shot! That dog HATES the camera.)

IMG 0419

I really like the way the Carlsband Tank fits. I feel like it’s super flattering. I like the built-in shelf bra but the way the tank is built (see the open back below), this tank is only good for non-impact workouts, like yoga or Pure Barre.

IMG 5738IMG 5744

Here’s what I’m dying over in the October collection. I want it all.

  • Salar Legging in Black Slub
  • Landon Tunic
  • Katana Long Sleeved Tee (I like both black and red!!)
  • Williams Jacket – this looks PERFECT, like a go-with-everything jacket. And I love the longer length on it! (Although it’d probably go to my knees 😉 )
  • Casa Tank – love the back on this!
  • Agon Pullover in black – I’m kind of obsessed with mesh detail on their latest collection. I love having pullovers to put on post-CrossFit after pulling off my sweaty tank so I don’t freeze walking home and this looks super cozy.

If you’re new to Fabletics, here’s my post about how it works, and if you’re new-ish to Fabletics, here’s a tip – order ASAP. They sell out of items pretty quickly…which is  kind of annoying to find the cutest outfit only to find they don’t have your size. And if you decide to sign up, please use my referral link – I’d love you for it. And so would my budget.  And if you’re a Fabletics junkie, leave a comment sharing what you’re loving lately. I get nervous to branch out from my beloved go-to’s (like the Lima Capris and Oula Tank) until someone recommends an item that I then become obsessed with (like the Salar Capris you all raved about).



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  • Nikki

    Your Fabletics stuff always looks super cute, but given the huge outcry in the media about them right now, are you comfortable using them? Genuinely wondering!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Wow, I have great timing to post don’t I? I hadn’t seen the latest outcry in the media until you commented and I googled. Whoops. I’ve honestly never had any issues – but, that being said, I’ve never tried to return anything (only exchanges), I’ve always skipped in time if I don’t want something in the month, and I’ve never tried to cancel. So I haven’t really had to deal with customer service there. Although, I’m seriously tempted to try to cancel now just to see what my experience is like. I do really like their workout clothes but man, if I have an experience like some described in the media, YIKES.

  • Nikki

    If you do cancel (now or in the future) update us!! I really want to try it because none of my workout clothes fit my post-pregnancy milk jugs (horrible problem, I know) but then I was an article on it and was wary 🙂

  • Kalynn C.

    I LOVE the romantic print! I’ve skipped the last few months just to save some money because I don’t really NEED more workout clothes, but I think I’m going to bite the bullet on the romantic print leggings after seeing them on you! I feel like we’re similar body types although I’m 5’3″ so I have a couple inches on you 😉 haha They look great!

  • NYG

    Oh my gosh! Loove those leggings!! Super cute!

  • Sarah

    I’m digging those leggings! Totally with you on not being much of a print person but some of them (like these ones) are simple and completely work. I haven’t ever bought anything through Fabletics but keep hearing good things!

  • Katie

    I find it funny how you say the shirts are long… I think they’re short! But that’s probably a good thing or i would be buying a lot more! Purchasing some goodies this week! Did you end up getting the long sleeve red/black? I’m on the fence about it because the reviews are so-so!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      haha that’s hilarious. You must be tall. 🙂

      I haven’t pulled the trigger yet! But running outside this week in the cooler air is pushing me closer to buying it! I hadn’t seen the review…going to look now…

  • gina

    Did you like these pants, I felt like they smushed my booty in and made me look pancake-y…I adore the pattern, but such a strange fabric? Or is it just me?

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I do like them! I didn’t notice that they smushed my booty, but I’ll try them on again and pay closer attention next time!

  • Shelby

    I just got both the Carlsbad tank and the Pryor tank (but in the teal color – which I love!) I agree the pink one is super flattering, and I really love that twist on the Pryor. It reminds me of a Greek goddess, haha! I do have a long torso, especially for being 5’2 (which yes, means very short legs, ha!) So I love the lengths on tops!
    This month I am loving the Katana top and the slub print Salar leggings! I’m dying to see next month. I’m hoping for a combo with leggings and a zip up jacket! It’s getting chilly in Colorado!