Six Neutral Sandals for Spring

I’m eyeing some cute neutral sandals for spring, including some flat and heeled versions! 

Happy weekend! I’m looking forward to spending time with my mom this weekend, who is visiting from Utah! We’re going to CrossFit this morning (she is 70 and does Crossfit!!!) and then wedding dress shopping this afternoon. Can’t wait! Thank you for all your sweet comments about booking our wedding venue! I love hearing what all of you did for your weddings so please keep sharing! It’s so helpful while I’m trying to think of ways to make the day personal!

Okay, onto the post! I have a bad habit of not buying essential items for each season and then all season being annoyed that I don’t have “x” item. I used to do this with coats – I’d never buy a new coat and all winter I’d be annoyed I didn’t have a warm coat without holes (ahem). But I finally bought a new coat last year. I’ve always done this with sandals every year, and I complain all spring and summer that I don’t have sandals to go with anything.

So, I’m eyeing a few options, some flat and some heeled, that can get me through the warmer months! I think all of these can go with dresses and shorts, and I’m all about versatility. If you have some sandals you love, will you share links in the comments? I’m so picky about shoes because I want them to be comfortable and it’s so hard to know. (I do a lot of my shopping online from Nordstrom since they have a great return policy and we don’t have great stores in Winston.)

Alright, onto the sandals!

Six Neutral Sandals for Spring


These ankle cuff sandals with geometric cut-outs are adorable. And imagine the tan lines. ha!

I really want a neutral stacked heel that is comfortable and I really love the fringe on these, which surprises me since I’m generally anti-fringe.

These flat ankle tie espadrilles are so versatile. I think they could be dressed up or down easily!

I have the heeled version of these Sam Edelman lace-up’s and LOVE them so the flat version is super appealing.

I don’t generally like wedge sandals but I think these wedge sandals by Joie are cute!

If you’re like me and can appreciate a dainty ankle strap, you’ll love these Tory Burch sandals. (bonus that Tory Burch is having a sale)

Alright, off I go! Let me know which are your favorites! If you want to see more spring items I’m eyeing, go to my wishlist page!

P.S. The Beautycounter promo ends in a week. Since a few of the freebie items sold out, they just added the Rosewater mist as one of the free items!! I LOVE THAT MIST.

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