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My 5 Favorite Spotify Playlists for Running

I’m sharing my favorite running playlists today! These are all Spotify playlists, so you can easily use them without having to recreate your own.

Thank you for your sweet comments on yesterday’s blog post and Instagram about our engagement photos!! I love them too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe how quickly the wedding will be here!

Today’s post is all about the best running playlists. Well, at least my personal favorites. ๐Ÿ™‚ I get asked a lot for running playlists and I’ve posted some over the years (see here), but it’s been a long time since I’ve shared.

I’ve always really loved music. Growing up, I would record songs from the radio onto a tape and make my own mixed tape. ย Yep, I was that cool. As soon as CDs and CD burners came out, I made countless CDs with my favorite songs. I was a bit neurotic about the song selection on each CD so that it all flowed together. Who needed a boy to give me a mixed CD when I could make a better one? ๐Ÿ˜‰ When iPods came out in college and as I started my career, I had tons of playlists to match every mood and activity. Running, walking, errands, cleaning, working, driving, everything. I love lyrics, I love a dramatic bridge in a song, I love instrumentals, I love it all.

I run with music about 50% of the time. If I have a long, solo run, I love to zone out to music. And if I have a shorter easy run, I love to get lost in music. If I have road intervals that I’m worried I can’t hit, a driving beat helps immensely.

Times I don’t like listening to music? On the track: I hate anything extra on me since it just annoys me. When running with others: I think that’s so weird and I see it often. And when I’m just craving some peace and quiet, away from electronics, I leave my phone at home while I run.

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best running playlists on spotify

I have a lot of different playlists, but these are my top 5 that I use, with a note about why I love each!

My favorite and best running playlists

1. Hard Running

(2 hours, 48 minutes) I know, I am very clever with playlist names. This playlist is good for all types of hard runs – intervals, long runs, tempo runs, sluggish runs. I used this so much for years that I kind of burned myself out on it. And that’s when I started the Workout playlist…

2. Workout

(4 hours) This is the playlist I used during all my marathon training. It has a good mix of upbeat and some “zone out” songs. And it’s long enough to get you though very long runs.

3. Not Pop Workout Music

(1 hour, 44 minutes) Sometimes, I just can’t deal with pop. And that’s a lot of what’s on my Hard Running and Workout playlists. So, being the creative person I am, I created the cleverly named Not Pop Workout Music playlist. These songs still have a great beat but you won’t find any Kesha or Rihanna on here. It’s a good playlist for easy runs when I want to zone out. But ironically, I often find I run faster to this playlist than the others.

4. Discover Keepers

(4 hours, 21 min) This is a really random assortment of songs. Basically, this is my catch-all playlist whenever I hear a song I like. It’s constantly evolving too because sometimes I’ll listen to it, hear a song and HATE it, and try to remember why I saved it. So I delete it. I like this playlist for easy runs.

5. Spotify Running Playlists

You have to browse to this from your mobile app. But the cool thing about it, is that it plays music that matches your running pace and cadence. You pick the genre of music you want, start running and it starts playing. I do find that it plays a lot of songs I already have saved, but sometimes it serves up new gems too.

Okay, your turn to share! Do you run with music? If not, why not? If so, what’s your favorite running song?







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  • Kate

    This year I have been loving:
    Feel it still by Portugal. The man
    Criminal by the Revivalists
    The Man by the Killers
    My Way by Calvin Harris
    Desperado by Rihanna
    All dumped into a single Spotify playlist ๐Ÿ™‚