My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks for the guys

Happy Wednesday! HOW IS IT ALREADY WEDNESDAY? This week has been a blur since work has been nuts lately. I’m a broken record saying that lately, so let’s focus on something more fun – the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale ends this coming Sunday, August 6, and they are still restocking items so check back if there are things you wanted but were sold out.

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Alright, now onto my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Men’s picks! Tommy is always dressed nicely and looks so put together which I love about him. He has a pretty solid wardrobe for work, but needs some more casual clothing, so we’re picking out some jeans and tops for him from the sale. Here’s what I love – we’ll see if he agrees! 😉 I highlighted my top picks and then included some additional items below that.

1 – I’m all about zip-up’s for guys and I especially like the vintage look of this one.

2 – This jacket is so soft! Tommy has the vest version and loves it.

3 – This zip-up jacket has cool details for a bit of a nicer look.

4 – I kind of want this sweater for myself. It looks perfect. I love the simplicity of it, and it would be great to layer over button-downs too. I really like the rust red color.

5 – Tommy got this jacket last fall and wore it all the time. It sold out last year so I’m glad it’s back! It’s great to and from the gym and also looks great with jeans. He gets compliments on it all the time.

6 – I love gingham prints but sometimes they are a little much. This shirt is a subtle color so I think it’d work well year-round.

7 – The perfect fall boot, the end.

8 – Last year, Tommy and I ordered a bunch of different brands of jeans to see what looked best – he has very muscular legs from CrossFit. Levi’s won, hands down, and they are the cheapest. Win win. I like this wash.

9 – I love these Stan Smith sneakers. They’re classic, casual and would go with a ton of different looks.


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Bonus picks: We bought this suit and these shoes for Tommy for the wedding!!!!! 🙂



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