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The Weekender: Current sales, favorite links & my new favorite RX bar flavor

Happy Sunday! This has been a whirlwind weekend trying to knock out wedding to-do’s and running all over the place and being on the phone a lot to coordinate wedding logistics. We close on our house tomorrow and then the unpacking begins! Tommy and I did take time last night to go on a date and it was SO nice just to connect and not talk at all about things we need to do. I came home feeling so refreshed.

Tonight, Alise and I meal planned and grocery shopped together and it so relaxing – I think I need to grocery shop with a friend every week. 🙂 The four of us — Tommy and me + Adam and Alise — just finished up dinner (new york strip steaks + brussels sprouts + small potatoes) and now I’m catching up on some blog work. (And Adam just informed me that I’m a forceful typer. ha! I guess I’m very decisive with the keyboard.) I’m really going to miss being with them – it’s been so fun having the best roommates ever for the past week. But I’m also so excited to have a house and be back with Maizey…with a YARD!

In this post, I’ve got my current favorite links + current sales + my new favorite RX Bar flavor! Let’s dive back in.

Current Favorite Links

2017  Good Dog Photo Contest. My friend’s dog is featured so go vote for Murphy!

Best Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe. I’ve never had Vietnamese coffee before and I need to change that stat.

Overnight Oats – Okay, this falls in the least favorite category, which I don’t do often but this new product really annoyed me. Why would you buy pre-packaged overnight oats? Just buy oats and stick them in a container. This is trend marketing gone wrong, on so many levels. If a 12 pack of those oats is $24…for that you could buy 4 tupperwares, 2 costco tubs of oats and some toppings and have oats for days and days. Done.

This is a fun article on our wedding venue.

I LOVED this post from Jen. She and I started blogging around the same time (I think?) and I could relate to a lot of what she shared. I’ve definitely had my own food journey that I’ve shared throughout the years. (I touch upon it briefly in my About Page.) I should do another post to share what my food looks like these days… if y’all would be interested in that.

I started a closed Beautycounter Facebook Group so feel free to join!I’ll still send emails with that info too, but I’m hoping the Facebook page will be more interactive! (If you’re not on my newsletter, you can sign up here.) In the group, feel free to post questions, answer other’s questions and share what you are loving lately! I’ll post in there whenever there are new products and sales going on. (Let me know if you have any issues joining. I think I have the settings correct!)

Current Sales

Ann Taylor: 40% off purchase with code FALLFORITALL

Anthropologie: Extra 30% of sale

J.Crew: Up to 70% off original price items. These look just like my PJs that are sold out and these are on sale!

J.Crew Factory: 40% off new arrivals. I want this vest!

Last Call: Extra 30% off (no code necessary)

Loft: Up to 40% off (no code necessary)

Nike: Extra 20% of sale w/ code SUMMER20

Nordstrom: new items added to sale! I have this blouse in white & this tee and love it! And I really want this top in olive.

Home Furnishings Sales

I’ll definitely be looking at home furnishing stores more often now that we will need to furnish a house (two tiny apartments does not an apartment fill ;)) so I’ll share house sales as I see them. My first priority is to find a kitchen table!! I’m sick of eating at a bar counter. 🙂

Crate and Barrel: Up to 20% off bedroom sale

Serena & Lily: Up to 20% off upholstery w/ code GETCOMFY

Sur La Table: Extra 20% off clearance w/ code EXTRA20 (check to see if this is still going on)

Wayfair: Up to 70% Off

West Elm: 20% off entire purchase w/ code FFSALE

William Sonoma: up to 20% off fry pans w/ code

Oh, not a sale, but if you are grocery shopping and see these, buy them. I don’t love everything pumpkin spice but I love this. 🙂 I found it locally at Whole Foods but Amazon sells them too. They’re especially good with coffee for a morning or afternoon snack.

Have a great week!



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  • Mina

    I said the same thing about the overnight oats! And then my husband and daughter told me I’d probably like them for traveling, and I guess they’re right. But not for at home 🙂

  • Sara @ Oats & Rows

    RX bars are growing on me, and I LOVE the pumpkin spice one! I am 100% with you on the pre-packaged overnight oats thing. Like whyyy??

  • Kate

    Furniture shopping – 🙂

  • Michelle

    I got suckered into buying the Overnight Oats. Bad mistake. (I wouldn’t have done it at home, but while I’m traveling and away from my kitchen, I needed options that would require me to buy several ingredients.) It wasn’t even good. 🙁 Ya live and learn!

  • Whitney

    Shameless request… my dog is featured too! I would love some extra votes! 🙂

  • Emily

    I loved Jen’s food journey post and would love to have you share yours, too!

  • Megan @ A Continual Feast

    I have been snacking on Rx bars a lot lately too, but have yet to find the pumpkin flavor! I love the chocolate sea salt, and also recently tried the chocolate chip “kids” ones and they were tasty. Love the recipe for that vietnamese iced coffee… pretty sure iced coffee is my love language 😉