4 Minute Morning Energizer

Today Lori & Michelle, some of my favorite blogger friends turned in-real-life friends are guest posting for me. They are super talented in the kitchen and in sculpting bodies in record time. Seriously, their abs and shoulders are amazing. 😉 Enjoy! [Thanks ladies! <3 ]


Hello Foodie Stays Fit readers,

How is your summer going? Good we hope! Allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Lori and Michelle. We write for the blog called purelytwins. We are so honored to be writing for Teri today. Teri knows that we are big fitness people, and with Lori becoming a NASM personal trainer has sparked that passion even more. We love getting people excited and motivated to workout!

Summer is about getting outside, hanging out with friends, relaxing and laying by the pool, right? But what about getting a workout in? Who has time to workout when you are out living life? We know for us we love being able to relax and do the things we love to do during the summer. But we also want to exercise without taking away a lot of time from our summer time activities.

Well… with our fitness philosophy it’s about moving your body a little bit everyday. We like to keep our workouts short and to the point! We like to get in and get out. And we do all our workouts from home.

Today we are sharing a 4 minute morning routine that will help energize you for the day.

We all got 4 minutes, right?

Really no excuses 😉

When you’re done with this workout you can go about your day feeling great! Knowing that you did something wonderful for your body. You worked out. You moved the body. You worked those muscles. Be proud of yourself!

4 minute morning workout-01

This 4 minute routine is made up of some of our favorite go-to exercises for a fast and effective workout. One that gets the heart rate bumping! Now make sure to give maximum effort during those 4 minutes to get the most out of it!

Now go out and enjoy these warm summer days feeling strong and refreshed from moving the body.

Interested in seeing more short workouts? Check out our real time workout videos, every Monday we share a new workout that can be done anywhere!

We hope you all enjoy your summer! Teri again thanks for letting us share our quick 4 minute energizer workout with your readers! xoxo

Lori and Michelle purelytwins

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    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Great workout! I like the idea of a short and effective workout because sometimes (especially on Monday’s) we are all pulled in a million different directions! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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    thanks again girl for letting us guest post for you 🙂

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