5 Tips for Winter Wellness

Since I’m currently in Utah where it’s snowing and I left behind North Carolina right as it was warming up to 65 degrees from the bitter, icy cold we’ve had for weeks, I thought this little infographic would inspire me to embrace the snow and cold while I’m here. 🙂

Every winter I say I’m going to get more sleep since there is less daylight and somehow that never happens. However, in the winter, I definitely notice what a difference it makes to get outside for a walk, even if it’s short, for a little sunshine. Luckily having to walk Maizey helps enforce this because heavens knows I’m generally too sissy to run in the cold these days. It’s been windy, and I just can’t deal with cold AND wind. (But hey, if that’s your thing, I have a few cold-weather running tips.) I also suggest hot toddies. Those definitely helps with winter wellness. 🙂

Do you do anything differently in the winter to stay healthy and feeling well? 

5 tips to stay healthy in the winter months!

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    Alyssa @

    I feel the same way about running in the cold. I live in Chapel Hill, but grew up Buffalo so you’d think I’d be used to the cold! Not so. I like to take D3 in the winter since I don’t spend as much time outdoors as I do in the summer.

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    Lots of Sleep! Extra Vitamin D 🙂 loved your video on Twitter this afternoon… died of cuteness 😉

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