A Dance Workout Even Non-Dancers Can Follow

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on yesterday’s post! Each one cheered me up! 

Last week, before I busted up my knee, I tried out Gina’s (aka the Fitnessista) brand new workout DVD, Soli Beat! I have never been much into dance workouts. I tried Zumba once (hated it) and went through a phase where I loved Dance Trance but hated how it took me so long to learn routines and then how quickly I forgot them if I didn’t go every week. But, whenever Gina would post videos of her teaching dance classes or talk about dancing for a workout, I’d think, “Man, I wish I could take one of her classes!” 

So I was so excited when I found out I could take one of her dance classes with her new DVD Soli Beat!

Fake front

Gina and Sasha are the two instructors (along with a couple other dancers and live drummers). They are so fun and upbeat! (Gina is just as sweet in real life as she seems on the DVD. I’m willing to bet the same about Sasha, even though I don’t know her personally.) 


So…what did I think about the actual workout, as a non-dancer? I LOVED it. 

IMG 1942

I liked the length of each routine – about 8 minutes. Enough time to slowly build up to the routine and learn it, and then enough time to really get into it, but short enough that I didn’t get bored before moving onto the next one!

It was so easy to follow. 

I like that their mic volume was really low so you could focus on the music and the moves. They used hand motions to guide you when the steps were about to change. 

It was so easy to follow. 

I worked up a sweat in the warm-up. 

It was fun! I would love to know what the neighbors thought since I swear they could see me dancing through the windows. I was able to follow and had a blast but that doesn’t mean I was good. 😉 ha! But it was fun! That’s all that matters. Oh, and did I mention it was so easy to follow? 

I was able to do the routine in my small living room, no problem. 

It was different than any type of dance I’ve done before. I guess I’ve done mostly hip hop at Dance Trance and cheerleader type stuff in high school (years ago!) but never anything like these. I felt like I was getting a cultural experience as I worked out! 

Gina and Sasha are super talented, obviously, but I wasn’t intimidated by them like I sometimes am by other instructors, on DVD or in person. It’s hard to explain…but I guess sometimes I feel like workout instructors don’t get that not everyone is as good as they are and it’s just like… dude, I can’t do that. But I didn’t get that vibe in this workout. 

This is definitely a workout I’d do when I don’t feel like leaving the house. You can order your own DVD online

Thanks for the chance to try this out Gina! xoxox 

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    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Interesting! I saw that the dvd was out, but was holding off because I’m not so great at the dance type stuff… Maybe I’ll give it a go after all!

  • Reply

    Come over to my house with this pleeeease. Let’s dance in my living room!!

  • Reply

    I’m not a great dancer but I am so excited by her Dvd. I have got to order one!

  • Reply
    gina (fitnessista)

    hey girl!
    thank you so much for the wonderful review! sash and i are so happy you liked it and found it easy to follow. wish we could take a class together 🙂 miss you and hope to see you sometime soon.

  • Reply

    Wonderful!! I hear a lot about this but never tried it out. After these reviews I am excited to buy this. Thanks to share!!

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