A Perfect Weekend

Good morning! I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. It’s been an absolutely great one for me. Friday was super low key (I did stayed in, did laundry, took Maizey on a long walk), and Saturday was super productive, hammering out projects that had been on my to-do list for months.

I started my day at the NoDa’s farmer’s market. It was a beautiful morning, and I loved meeting the farmers and seeing what’s actually in season. (It’s easy to get disconnected about seasonal produce when you only shop at the grocery store.) I got this massive haul for $30, and $10 of it was for the flowers. I’m really excited about that flank steak! SAM_1673

I spray painted a book shelf, spray painted Maizey’s dog bowl, hung some shelves and rods (I’ll show you what it’s for once it’s done!), and broke a drill bit in the process (don’t tell my dad).SAM_1675

Despite all my measuring and plans, I still messed up the spacing…IMG_3769

But hey, at least my shelf is level! IMG_3771

I went for an easy 4 mile run in the afternoon. I was planning on a long run Saturday morning but just wasn’t feeling it (and wasn’t feeling CrossFit either) so I decided to take a rest day. My body was itching to sweat later in the day though, so I used the opportunity to go for an easy run and try out some new shoes. (Review coming soon!)

After my run, I played catch-up on Jen’s plank challenge (I’m still 10 days behind – eek!) and did a few sun salutations on my deck to stretch out some kinks. I loved laying on my mat and just staring up at the sky. I need to take moments of stillness more often… (which I did before I took this picture 😉 ).IMG_3783

Then I finally showered and cleaned up for a long-overdue dinner with Jen and Leslie Ann. It was so fun to celebrate Leslie Ann’s “anti-bride” wedding and catch up on life. These women have been such great friends to me for a couple years, and it’s so fun to look back on our lives and see where we all are now. We were all so happy and laughing a lot last night; I left dinner with a huge smile on on my face and my heart full.


My belly was full too. We met up at Vivace, which has a great patio and great food. It was only my second time there – I just never think of it! That needs to change. The kale salad (with the addition of salmon) was unbelievable. Slightly warmed with some sort of magic dressing, figs (maybe port-soaked?), pistachios, sharp cheese (manchego maybe?). The salad of my dreams. (I’ve learned to order whatever Jen orders in Charlotte so I copied her order exactly.)


Maizey is pouting that I haven’t walked her yet, so I’m off to make some breakfast and walk the pup before hammering out errands and to-do’s.


Enjoy your day!! (The Weekender with favorite links & a workout recap is coming later today!)

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    Looks like the perfect weekend to me! 🙂 Those flowers are beautiful

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    I love having productive weekends mixed in with some relaxing days, too. Sounds like you’ve had a great mix. Shopping at farmer’s markets is so fun, too! I find that my produce lasts so much longer since it’s a lot fresher, and of course it tastes a million times better, too! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend! 🙂

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I totally agree – my farmer’s market produce lasts so much longer!

      Hope the rest of your weekend was great Jenna!

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