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Adidas Boston Boost: My favorite running shoe for 4+ years

Get the scoop on why the Adidas Boston Boost is my go-to pair of running shoes (and I’ve got a lot!).

I’ve been running in the Adidas Boston Boost for nearly four years. I’ve gone through three versions and have owned 12 pairs – and I keep coming back to them. I currently own the Adidas Boston Boost 7s, and this model is by far my favorite — so far. I have them in three colors now, including navy blue, gray, and black.

I’m a little wary of the new model, the Adidas Boston Boost 8s, just like I am every model, but I’m sure once I try them, I’ll love them even more than the previous since that’s what happens with every new version release.

three pairs of adidas boston boost


Here’s the run down of the shoe.

Adidas Boston Boost Shoe Overview

  • Support type: Neutral shoe for those with a neutral foot strike or mild pronation
  • Drop: 10mm (from heel to forefoot)
  • Weight: 7.1 oz
  • Price: $120
  • Sizing: runs a little small


boston boosts

Boston 7’s

Why I love them

Lightweight & Responsive

  • They’re “less” shoe than most daily trainers, but still have just enough cushion to not leave me feeling beat up.
  • They’re lightweight and responsive, which gives that connected feeling to the road that I love.

I even ran the 2018 Boston Marathon in them!



  • The Adidas Adizero Bostons work well for all types of runs – speed work, distance, tempo, and even longer runs during marathon training.


  • The rubber sole doesn’t wear out quickly and grips the road well, even wet roads. This was a major selling point to me since I log lots of rainy runs.
  • I typically log about 350 miles in them before I start to rotate in a new pair. While the tread doesn’t show wear quickly, the cushion starts to feel flat and less responsive around that point. And once the cushion starts to go in a shoe, that’s when I start to reduce their rotation, using them for shorter runs only, before retiring them entirely.


  • The mesh upper keeps my feet from feeling all sweaty and icky when when they are all sweaty and icky.

Narrow & Look Good on your Foot

  • I like that they’re narrow through the arch and heel because it helps the shoe feel secure. But it’s also a con for me since I prefer a slightly wider toe box.
  • They aren’t bulky and don’t make your foot look clunky. Some shoes are just so.much.shoe. These are not.


  • The Adidas Boston Boost 7 model has been replaced with the 8, which means the 7s are often on sale. I paid only $70 for my second pair of 7’s. The 8’s are about $120 which is still fairly good for running shoes, considering many trainers run $150-$180.


gray adidas boston boost



  • I have a narrow foot, so for me this is a con as I prefer a slightly wider toe boxer. But since the upper is mesh and stretchy, it’s not a deal breaker.

Mediocre colors/design

  • This obviously doesn’t affect the performance of the shoe, but I would like more color options. I love the neutral gray and navy options but I wish they’d bring back some of the bolder colors they used to have – like the hot pink in the 6 version. BUT, the new Adidas Adizero 8s have some fun color options, even though I’m iffy on the new design.

adidas adizero boston


Bottom Line

The Bostons are the shoe I want when I don’t want to notice my shoe – and that’s the highest compliment I can give a running shoe. When I don’t notice my shoes, even on the sweatiest, hardest days, but my run feels great, THAT is how I know it’s a good running shoe.

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