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Hug the mommy who flew across the country to see me.
(with icky dripping wet sweaty hair – hey, I just ran 26.2 miles – it’s totally acceptable)
I had no idea she was coming (no one did actually, besides my dad). I saw her at about mile 25.5 and felt like I was crying before I realized that no tears were coming (I was too dehydrated).

Try to smile in pictures (and not realize I have mascara all over my face. That’s what I get for wearing make-up for the first time ever in a race. Just because I didn’t want to be mistaken for a boy with my lesbo ‘do. Sigh.)

Refuel with an apple courtesy of Mom
(seriously, I could not eat the pizza and pulled pork sandwiches provided)

Smile and look slightly scary next to a beautiful Courtney. Major kudos to her & Brent for driving that far to see me finish and then posing so closely to me in all my post-marathon glory.

Love the husband for ALL his support through all my training, the highs and lows! He even bought me the coveted 26.2 sticker and drove around all morning through the backwoods to see me a few times on the course. What a guy.

Take an “ice bath” in the freezing river, and join the other runners trying to laugh through the near-tears at our numbing limbs.

And after all that, switch medals because I liked the yellow ribbon better.
Chip time — 4:06:35
Gun time — 4:06: 57
Overall place — 118th
Division place — 4th
Average pace — 9:25 min/mile

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    This looks like a beautiful marathon…but maybe a little hilly too! And a great time!

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    You look amazing! beautiful even after 26.2 miles!!
    Did you use a specific training plan for this race? If so would you share…

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