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An Interval Workout to Help You Finish Strong in Races

Oh hey friends!! I hope you’re having a great week. I had tons of links to share with you for the Weekender and then the weekend got away from me so I’ll save them for next weekend, deal? Deal. But how about I catch you up on some weekend happenings and my latest workout? 

On Friday night, I spent some quality time with an ice pack. My knee has really been bothering me so I’ve been icing (not nearly as much as I should) and taking ibuprofen 2x a day. It does seem to be helping with the tenderness, but it’s still clicking a little when I walk up and down stairs and just feels like it’s out of alignment. Irrrghhh. While I iced, I binged on Orange is the New Black. 🙂 

IMG 6319

I ran 17 miles the previous weekend and my knee didn’t bother me until the very end, but I backed off on mileage a little this week just to be safe. Luckily, my running bud Anna was up for lower mileage for our Saturday run too so we headed out for a hot and very humid 7.5 miler. It was our last run together before she moved. 🙁 She helped ease the sadness by having me over for post-run mimosas! No mimosa for you Mr. Bruce, though you are very cute. 

IMG 6376

I love this dog. Anna and I were just discussing maternal instincts and then I picked up Bruce and was bouncing him like an infant without even thinking. hahahaha. I have doggie-maternal instincts I guess. 

IMG 6399

I also love this dog. Obviously. Sweet girl needed a bath. She actually loves getting baths (except when her face gets wet). Doesn’t she looks so cute all drenched? Ok, she looks exactly the same.  

IMG 6222

Shake! She soaked me but that was ok cuz it was HOT. 

IMG 6221

I used this doggy shampoo and conditioner (ha! I’ve never used conditioner on her before) that I got in a (complimentary) PetBox. I was a little nervous because Maizey has very sensitive skin and breaks out in hives easily. And we had no issues with this! She was super shiny and fresh smelling, but not perfumey which I hate on my pup.

IMG 6224

PetBox is like Birchbox but for dogs. I don’t think I could justify a membership but maybe someday? It was fun to get, had high quality items (especially for the price if I’d had to pay for it), and Maizey loved the treats. 🙂

SAM 0028

Sunday was a pretty low-key day. John and I got massages which was awesome. The massage therapist said she thinks my muscles are all super tight which is pulling my knee out of alignment. She recommended massages more regularly. Ha, of course she did. 🙂 But, I’m willing to give it a shot 1-2 more times to see if it helps. Or maybe I should just add yoga back to my life. Hmmmm.

I also said bye to Anna on Sunday night. We’re going to start planning a race reunion soon!

IMG 6419

These are my workouts so far this week! Monday was weights–I’ll post the workout tomorrow–and today was an interval day. John’s running coach, Chuck, calls these slugs. The goal is to train your body to keep pushing the pace even when you’re tired, and that’s a good thing to train on if you want to finish strong in races! 

  • 1.5 mile warm-up @ 8:30 min/mile pace
  • 1 mile @ 6:40 pace, 400 easy jog
  • 0.75 mile @ 6:30 pace, 400 jog
  • 0.50 mile @ 6:10 pace, 400 jog
  • 0.25 mile @ 5:45 pace
  • 1.5 mile cool-down at 9 min/mile pace

I definitely slugged through the first two since my legs were heavy from weight training, but I felt like I finished strong. Alright, well you guys have a great night! I’m off to cut the grass. 🙂

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    I love intervals! Definitely need to try this one out!

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    Are those jcrew shorts you’re wearing in the last photo? I’m obsessed with their chino shorts. Just bought another pair today!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Yep! J.Crew! I have four pairs of them! This is the only pair that really fits well — the others are so big in the waist on me, but if I size down they are too tight in the quads. I just rock them anyway 🙂

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    Oh no, I am sorry your knee is bothering you, I hope it feels much better soon!

    I actually love descending ladder workouts like that! Even though the pace gets faster, the mileage gets shorter so it’s kind of a mental trick! I was planning on doing one this week, but ended up taking the week off from running!

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