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An Interval Workout To Turn Your Legs to Jello

Hi friends! I hope you are staying safe and warm in this storm, if it’s affecting you. Snow is still falling here! So far we have 3″ inches – that’s more than I’ve seen in NC since 2009 I think! The roads were crazy slick at 1 PM when I moved my car out of my driveway (so I wouldn’t get stuck) and could barely get up the slight hill to the road! I’m sure the roads are horrific now – they just get so icy here and the city doesn’t have the resources to keep the roads clear, so I’ll probably be holed up for a while.

Maizey is being hilarious in the snow – check out the video I posted on Instagram of her earlier today. I was cracking up! (My Instagram handle is @afoodiestaysfit, if you don’t already follow me.) After she played, she sat and stared out the window for hours.

IMG 4252

I started my day at 5:20 with some hot tea and stumbled around the house in a sleepy stupor before finally heading to the gym at 6 for an interval run. I was surprised the gym wasn’t more crowded with people trying to get their workouts in before the storm hit and the Y closed. But luckily, there was an open treadmill!

I forgot to add incline for the warm-up and the first interval, but I set the incline to 1.5 during my first recovery and kept it there for the rest of the workout. Sometimes the recoveries were a little longer or shorter than 4 minutes, just to get the mileage to a place where it was easier to keep track of the 1/2 mile sprints.

  • 1 mile warm-up at 8:30 pace
  • INTERVAL 1: 1/2 mile at 6:18 minute/mile pace
    • 4 minutes recovery, 9:30 pace
  • INTERVAL 2: 1/2 mile @ 6:18 minute/mile pace
    • 4 minutes recovery, 9:30 minute/mile pace
  • INTERVAL 3: 1/2 mile @ 6:18 minute/mile pace
    • 4 minutes recovery, 9:25 minute/mile pace
  • INTERVAL 4: 1/2 mile @ 6:18 minute/mile pace
    • 4 minutes recovery, 9:30 minute/mile pace
  • INTERVAL 5: 1/2 mile at 6:18 minute/mile pace
  • ~1 mile cool down, 8:30 minute/mile pace.

Total Distance: 6.43 miles

Total Time: 52 minutes

Again, like the tempo workout I posted, you can easily adjust this to suit your training level.

  • Aim for your intervals to be 30 seconds FASTER than your 5K pace. 
  • Recovery should be a super easy jog – whatever pace it takes for you to feel relatively fresh after 4 minutes. But don’t walk! 

If you can’t maintain the pace on the first interval, back off the pace a little bit on the others. The last interval should be very difficult to maintain at goal pace but hang in there! I almost didn’t make it myself! But, I felt so great afterwards. My legs were nice and jello-y all day and they are starting to get pretty sore this evening. 🙂

Happy running! Let me know if you try this and what you think!

Also, if you’re being hit by snow, how much do you have so far?

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  • Reply
    Hillary | Nutrition Nut on the Run

    I wish I had access to a TM — I’d be all over this!

  • Reply
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    That looks like an awesome workout! I will have to bookmark this! Those are crazy quick paces – wish I was at the level already!

  • Reply
    Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    Looks like a great workout!

  • Reply

    love this!! I’ve also been using the 1.5% incline to get my treadmill runs more realistic. I love it!

  • Reply
    Melissa C

    I can’t wait to try this to help prepare me for the Raleigh half marathon! Stay safe during this storm! 🙂

  • Reply
    Chicago Jogger

    This looks like an awesome workout! Will definitely be trying it soon – but several minutes slower that your fast intervals – very impressive 🙂

  • Reply

    Hey, that’s what I’ll be doing this morning! My plan calls for 1 mile sprints, so I will DEFINITELY be jello-y later. My treadmill, an old, old, old used one, moves only from 0% incline to 2% and above. I’m hoping this fluke helps me later – even if it’s incredibly laborsome now.

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