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My April Fabletics Picks

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Fabletics review and I’ve gotten some things lately that I am obsessed with.

Temucula Vest, Lima Capri, Aventura Tank
I was a little skeptical about this vest but there have been a few times where I’ve wished I had a vest for some extra core warmth. And I’ve been shocked how much I like it. I feel like it’s a perfect pre- and post-workout layer and makes me look slightly more presentable for running errands after a workout instead of walking around with just a dripping wet shirt. Plus, it keeps me warm since I get really cold immediately after workouts until I can change.

I’ve blogged previously about the Lima Capri here and the Aventura Tank here – these are just new-to-me colors. I got the camo because they were sold out in all the other colors and I just love the Aventura tank. It’s so soft. And I admit I don’t hate the camo. 😉 I do think they changed the fabric of their capris; these feel even softer than previous pairs I’ve purchased. IMG_2520

Oula Tank, Sintra Bra, Oiselle Roga Shorts
The Oula Tank might be my favorite thing I’ve EVER gotten from Fabletics. I should have listened to you guys sooner since many of you raved about it. It’s not too fitted, not too baggy, a perfectly stretchy fabric and is hot pink. Winning all around. It comes in lots of colors and I want them all. I ran in it today when it was super humid and it didn’t get heavy or weighed down by sweat. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! (Review of the Sintra Bra below, review of Oiselle Roga Shorts here.)IMG_2510

Sintra Bra
One of the things I’ve found disappointing in the past about Fabletics is that all their bras are for low-impact activities, i.e. NOT running. But they recently introduced some high-impact ones and I was super pumped about it. This one is super cute, super soft and supportive! Woot! I love the back and adjustable straps. It’s hard to find a supportive bra that is cute enough to be worn on its own in the summer months, but this definitely passes the cute test.


Full disclosure: Fabletics recently reached out and offered to send me some freebies and since I’m obviously already a huge fan (I’ve been ordering from them since last summer), I was happy to accept. The vest, capris and sports bras were all provided free of charge. The other Fabletics stuff in this post and everything I’ve blogged about previously is stuff I ordered and paid for myself..

What are you loving from Fabletics these days? I’m excited to try some of their looser pants (like the Ko Jogger).

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    Jen @nutcaseinpoint

    Ugh I hate to say it but I am so against fabletics. They have owed me money since November and have provided terrible customer service. Not a happy camper

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    that blue is your color!!! love that vest.

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    I love those capris too, I have them in a couple colours. I never could run in capris until I got those! Others would pull and feel like they were falling off me when I was running. I definitely need to check out that tank, I want to replace some of my older ones.

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    That bra looks awesome!!! And, you are the cutest!

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