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At-Home Leg Burner Workout (no weights needed, perfect for travel!)

One of the reasons I love CrossFit is that I’ll push myself there a lot more than I would on my own. But sometimes I can’t make it to the gym for various reasons, and it can be especially hard to make it there when I’m travelling, whether for work, vacation or the holidays.

When I was at the beach this summer, the CrossFit gym there didn’t program a Saturday workout – it was just open gym – and I didn’t think it made sense to drive 20 minutes each way and pay $15 just to do my own thing once I got there. So I decided to put together my own workout. I didn’t have any equipment with me so it had to be all body weight, and I wanted to make sure I would really push myself, so I set it up like a gym experience as best I could with four things I know help push me when working out at home.

1. Killer playlist: I have a CrossFit Spotify playlist I really like; it’s still pretty short but it was perfect for these quick workouts! (I’ll to keep adding to it, so hopefully it’ll be longer soon!) I like different music for CrossFit vs. running – it HAS to have a really strong beat and is sometimes a bit slower BPM. (Here’s my running playlist if you want that! It’s much longer!

2. Rounds: I like “rounds” workouts where you do a certain set of workouts for X number of rounds. I picked some of my favorite moves for this full body workout.

3. Count down: I love having chalk or chips at the gym to help count down my work or keep track of how many I’ve done. It’s a mental game that helps me push through. So I gathered some pine cones.


4. Friends: I did this solo since I travelled solo, but if you’re with loved ones this week for Thanksgiving, you should try to get someone to join you for all or part. It definitely helps!

I did both of the below WODs (Workout of the Day) because I was on vacation which meant I had the time, and because I just wanted to burn out my legs; however, doing just one or the other would be PLENTY. I was kind of regretting my choice halfway through the second workout, but I was too stubborn to quit. 😉 I was a sweaty mess by the end!


WOD #1: 10 rounds of 10 air squats, 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups

I finished this in 12 minutes, 36 seconds. (Air squats are just squats without any weight! They are deceptively hard, especially if you work to go to parallel or below parallel!)

WOD #2: 10 rounds of 10 lunges (each leg) and 10 jumping squats


I finished this in 10:45. I did split lunges, with one foot elevated on stairs behind me, but that’s not necessary. I ended up having to break up the jumping squats into smaller sets taking breaks because I couldn’t do 10 unbroken.

Let me know if you try these out! And share your tips for fitting in workouts when you travel!

I’ve written about exercising while travelling a few times before so check these out if you want more tips!

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