Ballet, Yoga, & a New (Short) Hairdo

Hi friends! It’s been a busy but great weekend here! Friday morning I hit up Pure Barre (you read my Pure Barre review here!) for the first time in months. It seriously kicked.my.butt. There is a new, figure-8-shaped double band that is used throughout class and there were a couple exercises that I just couldn’t do! I have weak outer hips – it’ll be good for me to go more regularly and strengthen that area!

I started my weekend on Friday night at dinner with friends and my fourth annual viewing of the Nutrcracker. It’s such a great production  by UNCSA and I look forward to it every Christmas season.

IMG 3203

On Saturday, I met a friend for coffee for her birthday and then we headed to a hot vinyasa class at a new Winston-Salem yoga gallery, Paz. The guy teaching is an instructor I’ve taken classes from for a couple years but i hadn’t checked out the new studio he’s managing – it is a great space and it was a great class. Afterwards, my friend and I (along with 8 or so other women) were invited to stay after for a Lululemon design input session. The owner of the Greensboro Lululemon showroom and a representative from corporate was there and wanted to hear feedback on the fitness community in Winston, what Winston is missing, and what we like and don’t like about our favorite workout clothes (Lululemon or otherwise). I wish I’d gotten to know the other ladies in the room – seemed like we were all pretty like minded and had a lot in common! 🙂

After class, I rushed out for a haircut. I was supposed to be getting highlights but cancelled that portion so I could attend the Lululemon thing. (Turned out to be well worth my time – they gave us all $100 gift cards to Lulu. Score!) I wanted to chop off some more length but I should have showed my stylist a picture because my hair ended up being much shorter than what I had in mind. I wanted a shoulder length cut with it slightly angled and longer in the front but it ended up being super short and stacked in the back and angled pieces hitting at about my chin. I think he took off 3-4″ in the front and around 6″ (maybe more) in the back. Oh well, at least my hair grows fast!

Photo 1

When I got home, I really didn’t like the way my bangs were falling so I took the scissors to them so they could fall forward rather than swooping to the side.

Photo 2

This morning, I still felt like my hair was a bit too structured without enough movement (part of that is just because it’s so short) so I curled it. That made it a bit better. I think I also won’t round brush it when I leave it straight and just use my fingers to rough it up a little as I dry it, and that will also help give it more texture and movement. Pomade will also help. (Any recommendations? I haven’t bought any in a couple years.)

Photo 3

This was a picture I took the day before (trying to figure out if my outfit was working or not…and then I decided I had too many layers on to take them all off and start over anyway!) where you can see how long it was before I got it cut. Not a great shot since I wasn’t focusing on hair but you can definitely tell it was longer! 🙂

IMG 3192

Anyway! Enough about hair! Today I went for a 5 mile run with a friend. We typically meet up for drinks but she suggested we run together today and I’m so glad she did. It was a beautiful day with sunshine and we chatted non-stop while running. I always get nervous to run with someone else because I’m constantly worried I’m running too slow or too fast, but I felt like we ran perfectly together. It was great! (Hopefully she felt the same way. ha!) I need to remember to meet up with friends for a run rather than a drink more often. 

You guys have a great week. I’m off to make some dinner! 

What tradition do you have that always makes it feel like Christmas? 

Are you brave or cautious with your hair?



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  • Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs

    I love your new length! It gives me the itch to chop mine off too… 🙂

  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I love your hair! I wish I could pull off short hair like you can! I always try to get big loose curls like that too and somehow it never looks as good as that!

    I am very cautious with my hair. I cut about 4 inches off not long ago and I already want it to be long again!

  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    I love your hair curled, it looks so pretty! I have extremely long hair and have my whole life. I would never cut it, but it is so boring and just bla. I did get longish bangs once, but I hated it and cried until those peices grew out again haha!

  • purelytwins

    you’re are so beautiful!! love your hair and your outfits!!!

  • Anne @ CandyCrazedrun.wordpress.com

    Whether it was what you were hoping for or not, your hair looks fabulous! I can’t believe you did your bangs yourself, they look great!

  • christina

    yes yes yes yes yes. that is our hair cut. i have been debating going back to the angled bob. right now mine is just a blah blob and i feel like a soccer mom. you’ve sold me. i’m going angled. muah!

  • C.

    I really like that length! It looks great on you. I have been thinking about cutting mine too – a fresh start for the new year!

  • Alycia

    I think the haircut looks fantastic! Its a very versatile cut with being able to go straight or curly.

    I took the plunge in Sept. and went from hair down the middle of my back to shoulder length. I love it now!

  • Livi

    I need to try something new with my hair! you’re a brave girl!

  • Kersten

    You are beautiful with all of your haircuts! Seriously~ OK now um feeling weird 🙂 John masters hair pomade is awesome for texture and shine. Smells orangey lemonish.

  • Hksedwick

    Ohhhh I love the curled version of your cut. So jealous of the lulu gift card

  • Melissa C

    I love your haircut! You look so beautiful!

  • Dana

    I LOVE that hairstyle!! Adorable ! I love going for a bob cut but it only ever really looks great when my stylist does it that day. My hair is too thick to manage the upkeep. I’d say I’m decently brave when it comes to hair styles though. ;).

    Love your outfit!

  • Madison

    LOVE the hair ! love love love!

  • Gail Carson

    Your angled bob with the short stacked back is way cute !!! Looks fabulous on you. Gail

  • Amber

    Your hair looks SO GOOD cut like that. oh man you are tempting me to go back to the inverted bob…

  • Betsy

    I LOVE your new haircut! It looked cute in the pictures right after you got it done, but it looks even better after you styled it. I’m growing my hair out from a pixie right now and I can’t wait to have cute hair like you.

  • Ashley


  • Nicole

    Pomade talk!! I JUST chopped my hair as well, and since I’m in CO, a work trip to FL was a very rude awakening… after an emergency CVS run I ended up with Garnier “power putty fiber spikes,” strength: “all day extra strong hold” which sounds UNBELIEVABLY intense but to my semi-thick density, medium/light strand, somewhat wavy hair, really just normalized it with a blowdry/straighten. I haven’t worn my hair curly with it, but a dime/quarter size before I blow dry has been great for managing a style w/my chin length bob/bangs; it smells nice, isn’t too pricey, and was easy to mix with a little water when I overdid it… I’m sure there is a holy grail out there for me, and from the description of the product, it’s sort of terrible at the job it was designed for, but so far so good….

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      Thanks for the tips! My coworker let me try her Aveda Control Paste and I loved it! I bought some yesterday; kind of pricey but it will last forever. And it smells amazing!