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Beautycounter Deodorant Review

Beautycounter just launched a clean deodorant. Here’s how it compares to other clean deodorants I’ve used.

Beautycounter just launched one of their most highly requested products: deodorant, aka The Clean Deo. As a Beautycounter consultant, I got the Clean Deo early and I’ve been using it for over 8 months. While I’m a loyal user of Beautycounter products – I use their skincare and makeup, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more — I was a bit skeptical that I’d like their deodorant since clean deodorants are notoriously…not great.

In terms of making the switch to safer personal care products, deodorant is actually the product I’ve been using the longest, long before I even knew that Beautycounter existed. (But man, I’m glad I know it exists now. Their foundation and concealer makes me look alive even though I’m very sleep deprived as a new mom!) If you’re unfamiliar with the Beautycounter brand, this post explains how it’s different and why they are so stringent about their ingredient selection process. In short, they avoid ingredients are hormone disrupting and also go far beyond other “clean” beauty products and brands to ensure their products are safe.

Long before Beautycounter launched a deodorant, I used the another clean deodorant for years. And, maybe it’s weird, but deodorant is one of my favorite products when it comes to personal care. Yes, I really like applying deodorant. (But hey, I also really like applying face sunscreen.) So I again, I was hesitant to switch deodorants, but I’m happy to report that I’ve liked the Clean Deo just as much, if not better. Well, with the exception of one thing, which I shared below.

Beautycounter Deodorant Review

Beautycounter Deodorant Review

First, a little primer on deodorant: most deodorants that people use aren’t actually deodorant at all, but rather an anti-perspirant. The main difference between deodorant and anti-perspirant is that deodorant is made to neutralize body odor and absorb sweat where anti-perspirant is made to block sweat from coming out of your pores. But, if you’ve tried to use a clean deodorant in the past, you may notice that they, well, stink. I experienced that myself.

Remember that most anti-perspirants use aluminum, which may have harmful effects when applied daily to the body. And some studies have linked aluminum to forms of breast cancer. Because deodorant is applied under our arms, near our lymph nodes, there is additional concern for that reason. Ultimately it’s up to you about what you’re comfortable with. I personally like using safer products as much as possible as long as it works as well as what I was using before. If I hate something, I’m not going to use it just because it’s safer! (That’s why I don’t use Beautycounter’s mascara!)

So Beautycounter worked hard to make the Clean Deo the best deodorant on the market. Not just a good one — the best one — which is why it took them so long to develop and launch the product. Here’s what’s in it.


Cornstarch and baking soda

These work together to help absorb wetness and keep skin dry, while also helping to neutralize body odor. The amount of baking soda they use is critical, since that’s a common irritant for safe deodorants. More on that below!

Coconut oil and shea butter

These natural emollients are rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients to help skin feel hydrated, nourished, and smooth.

Candelilla wax and beeswax

These help condition and hydrate sensitive underarm skin.

You’re welcome that I didn’t take photos of me applying deodorant. No one needs to see that. We all know how it works. ūüėČ

Beautycounter Deodorant Review

Pros And Cons Of Beautycounter Deodorant


No aluminum

Aluminum is used in drugstore products as the “sweat blocker.” Yes, it blocks your pores from producing sweat. But the Clean Deo is formulated without aluminum, so it allows your body to have a healthy detoxification process.

Stain Free

This is a game changer, especially if you’ve used other clean deodorants before. So many leave a nasty film on your clothes and ruin the underarms of shirts. I haven’t experienced this with Beautycounter, and that IS something I experienced with another brand. My husband and I both agree our clothes are looking a little better since switching to Beautycounter’s deodorant.

No Synthetic Fragrances

The Clean Deo comes in three scent options – Rose, Lavender and Coconut — and none of them contain synthetic fragrances. Beautycounter never uses “fragrance” which is a very misleading ingredient in skin care and a loophole is personal care regulation. I’m VERY sensitive to scents and fragrances, which is part of the reason I use non-conventional beauty products and cleaning products.

But remember that natural beauty doesn’t always mean safer beauty! (Example: lead comes from nature, but it’s not safe in makeup, even though high amounts are commonly found in drugstore and department store makeup!) As with all the fragrances Beautycounter uses, they screened The Clean Deo fragrances for trace contaminants to ensure they meet their rigorous safety standards. All of the fragrance ingredients are also disclosed on the ingredient list, so you know exactly what is in each one. While you’d think that’s common, it’s actually not — even with other natural products or clean products.

Non Irritating

100% of participants in their study before launching said The Clean Deo was non-irritating after using it for 2 weeks. 100%!! Irritation is a VERY common complaint by those using deodorants with baking soda since it can cause redness, bumps and itchiness. I was on a call with Beautycounter leaders a few weeks ago and the question came up around what makes their deodorant non-irritating even though it uses baking soda. The answer is the amount of baking soda they use, in combination with the other ingredients.

Take a look at these stats from a study Beautycounter did for two weeks with 115 people trying this deodorant:

85% said it neutralized underarm oder all day

90% said it absorbed perspiration

96% said it goes on clear and dry

100% said it was nonirritating


The Clean Deo packaging is refillable AND recyclable. By making this deodorant refillable and recyclable, Beautycounter cut its water, fossil fuel, and greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 47%. And the refillable case helps minimize waste in landfills. Choosing more sustainable products is something I’m working on! The hot pink packaging on the right is the main container and the light pink on the left is a refill.

Beautycounter Deodorant Review

Cruelty Free

Like all Beautycounter products, it’s Leaping Bunny certified.


You will sweat and may smell a bit at first as your body “detoxifies”

You WILL sweat! That’s not a con in one sense because sweating is part of our natural detox process, but if you aren’t used to sweating after years of using an antiperspirant, that can be frustrating. I’ve always been a VERY heavy sweater (even using a prescription antiperspirant in high school!!) and rarely experience wetness now.

It can take up to several weeks for your underarms to transition away from the bacteria and toxins that have been trapped by antiperspirants. To help speed the detoxification process along, use the Beautycounter Charcoal Facial Mask on underarms once a week and wash underarms daily with Charcoal Bar. This will leave your skin feeling extra clean and improve the extra sweat or stink you may experience at first.

Harder formula

This is the one con for me. I found The Clean Deo formula is a bit harder than other clean deodorants I used in the past so it doesn’t glide on quite as easily. But, I’ve quickly gotten used to that and it doesn’t bother me any more. And I’m willing to deal with that for a better-performing deodorant!

Limited scent options

Right now they only have three scents. I think that’s plenty and I like them all, but if you’ve used other natural products in the past with a dozen scents, it may feel like it’s a limited selection. The current scents are Fresh Rose, Lavender, and Coconut. All of these scents are derived from natural oils, and nothing is synthetic.

Fresh Coconut is a blend of tropical coconut, sandalwood, and sweet vanilla. Men¬†tend to like the Coconut scent best (and they are releasing a men’s deodorant soon!).

Soft¬†Lavender smells like what you’d expect: lavender. I love this one.

Clean Rose smells like a bouquet of freshly cut roses, with notes of geranium and pepper tree berry. I don’t typically like rose scented products but I love this one!


Clean Deo Review


Bottom Line

It works. It smells great. Buy it here.

Before you place an order, be sure to read this post with tips to save money!

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    I have also tried multiple natural deodorant brands and agree that Beautycounter is the best. It just… works. It’s not completely smooth going on but I find that it rubs in easily, unlike some other brands that pill up or crumble. I thought the Rose scent was going to be too strong but it’s not, it’s nice. I seem to be going through refills quickly so I could probably apply even less product than I do. My only con is that I have short fingernails and cannot, for the life of me, get a grip on the refill to pull it out of the main container. I’ve had to resort to pliers. A small price to pay!

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