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My Natural Makeup Tutorial (+ a video tutorial!)

This makeup tutorial uses almost all Beautycounter makeup. I also shared what products I use love and the one I don’t. 

I published this post a couple months ago but I wanted to republish it since you can get two free products this week if you purchase makeup, and I didn’t want you to miss that! (More details below) I  also added a second makeup tutorial video to the post that’s sped up so you can watch that if you prefer a faster video.

For years, I tried dozens of different brands and products (spending hundreds of dollars in the process), but never had a makeup routine I liked. So, then I spent more money trying yet another product. All I wanted was to look natural and put together without being overdone. And it had to be easy.

All of those boxes are finally checked and it’s so nice to not product hop! I just reorder when I run out since I seriously love everything I use now! (Not that I have to reorder often since all of these products last a LONG time. The brow gel usually runs out the quickest.)

So, how easy is my makeup routine? It takes under 10 minutes and probably closer to 5 if you’re not talking in a video like I did. There’s a short video below with my natural makeup tutorial, showing the exact products I use.

beautycounter makeup review


My natural makeup tutorial using Beautycounter makeup

My top three tips for a natural makeup look are:

  • Start with a very small amount of product and only add more if needed
  • Have a solid skincare routine (if your skin is breaking out or not hydrated, your makeup won’t go on easily – here’s my routine)

If you like a quicker tutorial, watch this! (It shows the foundation brush!)

Makeup used (listed in order shown)

My Brushes & Sponges



  • If you’re looking to overhaul your makeup, the this set has everything listed above EXCEPT the bronzer and my mascara. It does come with a mascara, just not the one I use. You also have to choose between the Dew Skin or Tint Skin. (You could always add on the other a la carte.) See notes on the free gift if you get the set below.
  • This shade chart is helpful for picking out your foundation and concealer shades.
  • I don’t use the mascara that comes in Flawless in Five most days, but I keep it in my gym bag so I use it when I need to head somewhere after a workout. My daily mascara is Ilia or Tarte. I prefer a bold lash look vs. the more natural look of Beautycounter’s mascara which is why Ilia and Tarte are in my daily makeup bag!

Make sure to check out this post on Beautycounter promo codes and how to save money on your orders!

And iff you have any questions, shoot me an email at [email protected] and I’m happy to help!

Happy makeup-ing! 🙂

beautycounter makeup



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  • Jessica Barnett

    You look stunning! Do you do anything to your brows pre-makeup? Tint? They look great!

    Also groin sprain :(. Any experience with those? Running Friday and it happened. The worst.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I get them threaded every 6 weeks and tinted. But, it’s been about 5 weeks so there probably isn’t much tint left at this point! My brows are naturally dark. 🙂 And thanks!

      Groin sprain…oy. I don’t have experience with that personally so I’d think just rest and ice!! Maybe find a good PT who does dry needling?!?!?