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Best Restaurants in Winston Salem

For being a small city, Winston-Salem, NC has some great dining! I’ve lived in Winston for nearly 13 years and the food scene has definitely improved over the years. (And there is a lot more to do now too!) A blog post to round up my favorite restaurants in Winston Salem is long overdue, so that’s what I’m sharing today!

Best Restaurants in Winston Salem

The Best Restaurants in Winston Salem

Without further adeu..??the best Winston-Salem restaurants!

BLL Rotisserie 

BLL has the best rotisserie chicken ever. Seriously. It is unreal. We typically get that and the house made chips. The rest of their side dishes are meh so we pass on that and just roast broccoli or cauliflower at home. We also like their lunch salads.

Village Juice 

Herb and Pumpkin Seed salad is my go-to at Village Juice. My husband loves the Cobb Salad.

Blackhart Bread Co 

This isn’t a restaurant per se, but Blackhart Bread Co is the best bread in Winston Salem. You order it by direct messaging Logan on Instagram and he’ll let you know where the pick-up location is each week. I usually get 3-4 loaves… seriously. But hey, I eat a lot of carbs!

Blackhart Bread Co | Best Restaurants in Winston Salem

West End Cafe

Tommy and I are HUGE West End fans. It’s a little bit like a cozy diner (since it has so many options and kind people) but it’s not greasy or anything like typical diners. We love their sandwiches, and I’m obsessed with their chopped salad with blackened salmon. Tommy always gets the sirloin steak sandwich. They also have great chili and a solid caesar salad. It’s hard to go wrong. Oh and the sweet potatoes fries are amazing too.  They don’t take reservations so plan on a wait or order takeout (which is what we do most often). This is one of our all time favorites.

West End Cafe | Best Restaurants in Winston Salem


Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro is a perfect date-night spot and a great place to take out of town guests for fantastic Southern Food like Tomato Pie. We love their outdoor seating when it’s nice. The menu stays pretty consistent, but it’s great every time. Get the fried pickles, every time, no matter what. Make sure to try their fried chicken too– SO good. For sides, be sure to try the spicy collard greens + bacon or cheese grits.

You won’t miss it on W 4th st. with seating outdoors and green walls across from The Old Fourth Street Filling Station.

Kitchen Roselli 

Kitchen Roselli is a bit of a drive from Winston Salem (it’s in East Bend) but WELL worth the trip. They have the best environment and food. Make sure you reserve a cream puff when you get there for dessert since they go fast. Hannah loves the Kitchen Chicken and Chicken Bianco.

See that little table through the window? Fun fact: Hannah requests it every time she makes a reservation with her husband– they’ve eaten at that table for almost every date!

Kitchen Roselli 

Cugino Forno 

Cugino Forno has the best pizza in Winston Salem, hands down. The Lecce salad pairs perfectly with it. You can get a pizza and eat outside and grab one of the craft beers from Incendiary Brewing next door. If you like sweet cider instead of beer, try their Shacksberry Cider, it’s great!

Cugino Forno | Best Restaurants in Winston Salem


I get the cauliflower melt at Acadia. They also have fantastic brunch specials and lots of vegan and vegetarian options.

The Bagel Station

Our Sunday tradition is always Bagel Station! The best bagels EVER. They also do lunch sandwiches on bagels.

The Bagel Station | Best Restaurants in Winston Salem

Village Tavern

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Village Tavern but Hannah’s picks are the Baja Fish tacos and the ten spiced glazed salmon.

River Birch Lodge

Tommy and I went on our first *official* date at River Birch! I didn’t say yes to our real first date, so this is what I call our first date. 🙂 We love their entrees AND sides. The portions are pretty good here, so don’t order too much on accident ;).


Yamas is a great place for a casual lunch. It’s Mediterranean and a build-your-own bowl restaurant.

Alma Mexicana

Alma’s tacos and ceviche are phenomenal. Make sure to try their cocktails and mocktails too!

The Katharine Brasserie

The Katharine is a fun spot in downtown Winston-Salem located in the Kimpton Cardinal Hotel. Make sure to grab their truffle fries and ceasar salad. They have a great wine list and patio outside! It feels like a little taste of Italy outside (even though the food is french inspired haha). It’s named after Katharine Reynolds, who’s husband was Richard J Reynolds of Reynolds Tobacco — fun fact!

Lil Dipper Ice Cream

Lil Dipper is such a fun spot for ice cream downtown. You can customize all your toppings. They also have vegan ice cream.

Lil Dipper Ice Cream

Quanto Basta

I love the beef short ribs barbaresco at Quanto Basta. So delicious!

Di Lisio’s Italian Restaurant 

My go-to order at Di Lisios is the Shrimp Veggie Pasta. Tommy gets the lasagna, every time. I’m always impressed with their seafood pasta and the rest of their Italian cuisine! This is our favorite Italian spot in town. And another thing to note about Di Lisios is that their chefs are the BEST at being really careful to follow my dietary restrictions. If you have a restriction, just tell their staff on the phone during your take out order or tell your server. They’ve always been great at doing this for me.

Di Lisio's Italian Restaurant 

Sayso Coffee

Sayso is a great spot to bring kids. They have a fun outdoor backyard and great coffee.


Doms is new to Winston and they have AMAZING vegan food. (It’s run by the owner of Mozzarella Fellas, which is now closed and rebranded with a different menu.) Hannah loves the nachos and the lemon basil gemelli.

Lavender and Honey Kitchen

There’s NOTHING like the stuff at Lavender and Honey Kitchen. I love the key lime pie, all of their cookies, and OMG the salted butter rice krispy treats. If you’re into flavors in your coffee, make sure to try the Lavender and Honey Latte. They have a great new space but expect a wait and getting a spot to sit can be a challenge on the weekends! Get it to go and enjoy a picnic at Hanes Park, just down the road.

Krankies Coffee 

If you’re a biscuit fan, try Krankies’ fried chicken biscuits with Texas Pete. They will blow your mind. I like this spot for sitting outside and there’s a train that comes by a few times a day that kids love!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 

Krispy Kreme is iconic in Winston Salem because it started here! You have to get your doughnuts when the hot sign is on.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts 

Hops Burger Bar

Hannah says the North Carolinian at Hops is a must-try. It has friend green tomatoes, pimiento cheese, and a fried egg. They also have fantastic vegan burgers and a variety of fries.

Bobby Boy Bakeshop

Bobby Boy has the city’s best cappuccino, UNREAL ham and cheese croissants, and their spelt bread is amazing too. I love the vibe in here.

Bobby Boy Bakeshop

Ryan’s Steakhouse

This may sound strange, but Ryan’s has the best baked potato I’ve ever had. You also can’t go wrong with their steak or fish. And make sure to get the arugula salad too.

A Noble Grill

I typically get the fish special or the flank steak at Noble’s. It’s one of our favorite date night spots.

A Noble Grill | Best Restaurants in Winston Salem


The Salmon and scallops are great at Bernardins. I haven’t been in a long time, but all of my friends really like it. Hannah loves it too!


1703 is a small restaurant with a rotating menu based on what’s in season. And it’s delicious every single time. I usually get their fish special, but their crispy duck is amazing too. And if you call ahead, they’re happy to work around dietary restrictions. They also do fantastic catering (they catered my bridal shower!).

Diamondback Grill

I love the tacos at Diamondback and Hannah loves the shrimp and grits.

Deweys Bakery

Deweys has been around since 1930 and they make the best desserts ever. Make sure to grab a Moravian Sugar cake for later. Their pumpkin cake squares in the fall are especially amazing.

Are there any family favorites of yours in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that didn’t make my list? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Reply

    My cousin toured Wake Forest (he ultimately went to Clemson – boo) and his dad STILL says West End Cafe was one of the best meals he ever had.

    I was also fortunate to eat at Sunny Italy when it was still open and Mrs. Roselli was still alive. Such a great memory!

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      That’s amazing about West End Cafe!!

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Sunny Italy! Where was it? And so cool about Mrs. Roselli!!! Or was Sunny Italy a former name of Kitchen Roselli?

  • Reply
    Alyssa M

    So many new spots since I lived there! Mozzelle’s will always have a special place in my heart– for engaged at the gazebo just outside there 9 years ago; our rehearsal dinner was at 4th St Filling Station and significant parts of my dissertation were written at Camino Bakery.

  • Reply
    Carmen Smith

    Bleu is one of my favorite restaurants, and Camino’s has got the best lemon-ginger cookies I’ve ever tasted. You should try both places if you haven’t already.

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I haven’t been to Bleu in FOREVER! I need to! And I haven’t tried Camino’s lemon-ginger cookies!! I need to!! I love their brownie so much I never branch out!

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