Cobblestone Farmer’s Market

good morning! happy monday. i totally spaced posting the winner of the flip belt last week! whoops, i’m so sorry! Kelli T. won the giveaway! congrats! I sent you an email Kelli, so please get back to me and I’ll get you details to get your belt. 🙂

For the rest of you, you do still get a perk for being a Facebook fan so keep an eye out! 🙂

i told you i had a great saturday, so here is part one of Saturday. I met up with my friend Mary Jane to meander and buy lots of greens and chat chat chat, and then we walked home together. She is so so lovely. Such a smart and fun woman. 

IMG 8931

watermelon radishes!

IMG 8920

fresh eggs! these look like the eggs I grew up eating. my mom has tons of chickens. 

IMG 8921

camino bread that I can’t eat but looks amazing.

IMG 8922

fresh garlic. how cute to see it in its natural state.

IMG 8923

i bought the purple variety of these onions.

IMG 8924

and some local meat. the farmer has pictures of his cows grazing in a HUGE green field. that’s how it should be.

IMG 8925

three sisters bakery. their gluten free bread is so tasty.

IMG 8927

i bought some wildflowers.

IMG 8930

and then i saw the same wildflowers (err weeds?) walking home on the side of the road. whoops again.

IMG 8932

and then it was off to a beer tasting! more later. 🙂

what was your last “whoops” moment? i have them about 700 times a day. one of my classic whoops moments is accidentally swapping the amounts of sugar and flour in recipes. or using a tablespoon when a recipe calls for a teaspoon.

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