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Wondering what you’ll learn in this course and how it will help your running? Ask yourself if any of these sound like you!

  • Do you start and stop running a lot? There is a lesson on how to stay motivated and consistent!
  • Do you want to start running but don’t even know where to start since you can’t even run for 5 minutes? I explain exactly how to get started from day one!
  • Does the terminology around running shoes overwhelm you? Neutral, stability, heel drop, toe box, gah! I explain it all and how it applies to choosing the right shoes for you!
  • Do you want to run faster, but aren’t sure why you can’t, even if you’ve been running for a while? I have a whole lesson dedicated to tips to run faster, with the EXACT things I did to cut 30+ minutes off my half marathon time!
  • Curious what the best recovery tools are, how to warm up, and what stretches to do? I shared all of my go-to’s with videos on each!
  • Do you wish you had someone to ask all your running questions to? You’ll be able to ask any questions during the live classes!

If any or all of these resonate with you, Get Your Run On is a perfect fit for you!


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