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Cute Athleisure Outfits

I’m wearing more athleisure these days since I’m staying mostly cuddled up at home with our newborn. I’ve always struggled with cute athleisure outfits (which is part of why I’ve always gotten dressed in “real clothes” everyday even when working at home!) So I tasked my assistant Hannah with finding cute athleisure outfits. I wanted to feel somewhat put together even when totally sleep deprived and adapting to a new normal. We’ve updated these links so that things are in stock and have also added a few new pieces!

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

There are a few staple pieces in any athlesiure outfit. A layering top, flattering bottoms, and cute sneakers. My favorite sneaker are Vejas or Nikes.


Joggers are a little tricky. Since I’m petite, I have to make sure they don’t look baggy, and that they hit my ankle at the right spot. Some of the best joggers I’ve found are from Athleta or Lululemon. In this outfit, I paired this with my all time favorite denim jacket with a lightweight sweater. I love these joggers from Athleta because they are thin and slimming.  I’ve had this denim jacket for years and love it. And I really love this sweater/sweatshirt. It comes in lots of colors too. These sneakers are by Nike. I love that they give me a little height.  Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Jacket | Sweater | Joggers | Shoes | Earrings

These joggers are from Nordstrom and I love the cut. I like the look of wearing a sweater on top and joggers on the bottom, but the key is to front-tuck the sweater. Since joggers aren’t as slimming as leggings, you want to make sure you accentuate your waist by tucking a little bit of the front of the sweater loosely into the front of the joggers. These earrings are so dainty and perfect for wearing everyday. Same sneakers as above.

how to style joggers

Sweater | Joggers | Shoes | Earrings

I love the back of this white tie-back tank! This outfit is similar to something I would travel in. I always take my Madewell denim jacket with me on every trip. The joggers are by Athleta and they’re the cutest I’ve found so far. The watch is a smart watch but still looks cute, and the sneakers are Nike.Cute Athleisure Outfits

Jacket | Top | Joggers | Watch | Shoes

I love this green sweater and this textured hoodie. These joggers look so comfy and they’re Lululemon so you know they’re made well! The sneakers are Nike and I really love them! I’ve had them for a few weeks now.


Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Hoodie | Sweater | Joggers | Shoes

Spanx Leggings

One of my favorite pair of leggings are the faux leather leggings from Spanx. When I first tried them on I thought they might feel too tight, but I’ve grown to love how they fit. I wear the petite size and the length is perfect. I saw this pullover by Dudley Stephens on Tuckernuck’s website and it would be perfect to wear with leggings since it’s a little longer. These all white sneakers are by Veja.

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas

Pullover | Leggings | Shoes | Earrings

This outfit is a little more casual with the Patagonia pullover. I’ve had this pullover for years and years and I still love it. It’s great on it’s own but also works well for layering under a heavier coat. This watch is so pretty AND has smart watch capabilities –– win win. I love the pink color too. These sneakers are by Veja and I love the red color. And of course, Spanx leggings.

Cute Athleisure Outfit Ideas


Patagonia pullover | Spanx Leggings | Watch | Shoes

I love this combo because the jacket is so unique. It wraps to close, but when you leave it open it hangs so nicely. It’s similar to a cardigan. This top is by Zella which is Nordstrom’s workout brand. I really like the color. Leggings are Spanx, of course and shoes are Vejas. And the same watch as above!

Jacket | Top | Leggings | Watch | Shoes

Jacket | Top | Leggings | Watch | Shoes

Cozy Layering Piece

I love this J.Crew pullover with the pink detail. This would be so cute with a nice pair of leggings. These are by Zella and they’re looser than normal leggings but tighter than joggers. I wear them all the time and LOVE them. I wear this Garmin watch almost everyday, and it’s my favorite running watch of all time. These shoes are really cute and give me a little bit of height. J.Crew pullover with the pink detail

Pullover | Leggings | Watch | Shoes

Isn’t this sweater so cool? I love the neckline. This color is also perfect for fall and winter. The leggings I linked are the Lululemon Align Pant and they’re the best of all time. I can’t sing their praises enough. Earrings are cute little dainty studs that would be perfect to wear everyday. And of course, sneakers are Nike.

Lululemon Align Pant

Sweater | Leggings | Shoes | Earrings

Last but not least is this blue sweater. I love the bell sleeves and that it’s loose fitting. I linked the same leggings here as above. And the shoes are a pair of my favorite running shoes, the Adizero Boston 8. I love that you could wear a workout tank under the sweater and be ready for a workout instantly!

Adizero Boston 8

Sweater | Leggings | Shoes


My Favorite Tops for Athleisure 

The trick for athleisure tops is to wear something a little nicer than the bottoms. For me, this means sweaters. It may seem a little strange at first, but throwing a sweater on with joggers or leggings and a pair of sneakers is what makes combines the ath (athletic) and leisure!

My Favorite Layering Pieces

I love having cute cardigans and jackets when I’m dressing down. Here are my favorites.


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