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The Weekender: Favorite Links + Last Week’s Workouts

Happy Monday! I’m in Atlanta all week for work, and my schedule is kind of all over the place so I’ll keep this intro short and sweet. I’ve got some favorite links and last week’s workouts for ya! Hope you enjoyed the eclipse today! I’m lucky that the ad agency I’m visiting this week had eclipse glasses so I got to watch it…because otherwise, I would have been out of luck. 🙂

Favorite Links:

If You Don’t Prioritize Your Life, Someone Else Will – YES YES YES

Using Money to Buy Time Linked to Increased Happiness – This is exactly why I pay someone to clean my apartment

Why Women Need to Stop Worrying about being Liked – So hard since we do this without even realizing it. I especially loved this line: I would argue confidence is a skill not a quality, and it’s taken me years to get comfortable ruffling some feathers.

For you local peeps:

Winston Salem CycleBar opens in December under the Twin City Lofts. I’m SO excited for this. I really miss cycle classes since I don’t have a Y membership anymore and I’ve heard great things about the CycleBar classes (it’s a franchise).

And, Village Juice is opening a second location right next to Cyclebar! Seriously excited about this combo. I can’t wait to see what that whole building looks like when it’s done. Linville Team Partners, the firm Tommy works for, handled the development and brokerage of the building and it’s really exciting to see all the things coming into the new space. They work on so many cool projects downtown; if you ever need a commercial broker, that firm is amazing. I’m obviously a bit biased, but they really do work on some of the coolest stuff in Winston and I love what they’re doing for our city.

Okay, onto the workouts!

Last Week’s Workouts:

M- 6.2 miles; 8:12 pace. A little rainy and a little (ahem, a lot) hilly

T – 6.1 miles (fartlek run), average 8:12 pace. 12×30 sec at 5K pace + 1 min recovery + warm-up/cool-down + 99% humidity (ugh)

W – Circuit session

  • 15 minutes elliptical intervals (high incline, high resistance)
  • 3 sets of each group (15-20 reps on each exercise) w/ jumping lunges after each set:
    • abs, tricep dips, cable pullback rows
    • bicep curls, hip raises, shoulder raises
  • 10 min elliptical intervals

shoes | leggings (I LOVE THESE SHOES. They’re so lightweight!)

Th – 8 total miles, average 8:16 pace, 5x800m repeats. It was unbearably humid – I wasn’t even close to my goal time on the repeats. I was shooting for 2:45 – 3:00 for each 800, and the fastest I got was 3:08. My slowest was 3:21.

F – 3 miles, 7:58 pace + strength circuit

  • 3 sets of each group (15-20 reps on each exercise) w/ jumping squats after each set:
    • tricep pulldowns + stability ball hamstring roll + bicep curls
    • cable pull backs + weighted split squats + abs
  • finish with 10 min of elliptical intervals at a high incline and high resistance

I was a sweaty mess at the end!

shorts | bra | similar tank

Sa – 10 miles, 8:42 pace. I was planning on 7 miles but I ran with a few friends and the time flew by so I kept going with them longer than planned!

Su – REST…but I did a ton of walking. I flew to Atlanta on Sunday afternoon, and it literally took me longer to walk to the Uber station at the Atlanta airport than it took to fly from Winston-Salem to Atlanta. It was SO far. I also walked to and from the grocery store for food after I got to my hotel go get some things for breakfast for the week. 🙂

Total Miles: 33.4

How I’m Feeling: My left hamstring has been bugging me again lately so I got a massage on Thursday night which was heavenly. It was also good for me mentally – I’ve been really stressed and a bit overwhelmed lately, and I was able to totally zone out. I’m also enjoying the circuit workouts I’ve been going at my apartment gym! It’s a nice change of pace.

I’m also feeling very ready for fall. Maizey and I are both over these hot and humid mornings. I just got these Lululemon shorts and I LOVE the color (dark adobe). It looks great with navy tops (I’m wearing this tank) and light tops too.  I’ve been surprised how versatile the color is, and it’s perfect for fall. Which is almost here…right?!? (I ordered a size 4.)


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    You don’t do crossfit anymore?

    • Reply
      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I still do, just not as often right now since my schedule is all over the place with work and wedding stuff – so it’s been better to workout on my own schedule. I go about 1-2x a week but some weeks I don’t make it at all, like last week. But I went 2x the week before that. Hoping I’ll be back to normal with it in a few months!

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