Dynamo Dog Treats

Maizey loves the Dynamo Dog Treats a little too much – she keeps trying to get into the bag — but her hip and joint issues have improved!

In the past two days, she has figured out how to open door handles and has been getting out of her room. (I guess she isn’t really that entertained by the cartoons I leave on for her!) AND, in the process of opening the door, she ripped some paint off the door and then got into three bags of treats. I seriously need to dogchild proof my house. I blame these Dynamo Dog treats we got in the mail a few weeks ago. She was dying to find where I kept them in the house. Stinker. (Now that I think about it, I guess it’s lucky  she got into other treats since I’m thinking it wouldn’t be good for her to OD on these treats since they have supplements.)

DSC 0019 NEF

Dynamo dog hip & joint

Since she’s had her hip issues after hurting it last fall and being on (ha!) bed rest for a while, I feel really good giving her these treats that I know are good for her too. Each treat has supplements that most dogs should be taking anyway. They’re like gummy vitamins for dogs. 😉

I do feel like her stiff hip has gotten better since having these treats every day. I will definitely be keeping these around the house (in an out-of-dog-reach cupboard).

DSC 0026 NEF

She LOVES them. I seriously never seen her so willing to do anything for a treat like she will with these. I give her one of these every morning when I tell her to go to her room. It’s to the point now that when I put on my heels, she goes to her room, sits on her bed and literally starts drooling. Pavlov!

DSC 0023 NEF

“See Mom? I’m so good! I’m sitting! Gimme!!”

DSC 0021 NEF


What’s the naughtiest thing your pup or cat has done? Maizey once destroyed a couch when she was about a year old. And she’s gotten into the trash more times than I can count. Oh, and she got kicked out of doggy daycare for being mean. 🙁


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  • RLR at Mom's Magic

    I love our Keurig – it makes the best mug of tea for early mornings! I cut out caffeine cold turkey last fall, but now I have a cup on occasion. I have stopped using milk/cream/half and half in my coffee. I’m surprised at how yummy it is with just some sugar! I might have to try some of that focus blend.

  • Joy

    Maizey is so cute! The worst thing dobby’s done? He chewed open his meds (they were liver flavored) and ate a weeks worth of rimedyl – I had to take him back to the vet to get his stomach pumped! Like 6 hours after I had him there for his hips…

    • Lizilla

      I love that your dog’s name is Dobby!

  • Nina

    Oh Maizey is so funny!!!
    My old cat once knocked down my mom’s favorite hand painted, one of a kind champagne glasses. My Rexie boy now hasn’t done anything too bad but is constantly taking pony tail holders and other items out of the trash can. He just likes to play!

  • christina

    I recently have cut back on my soy intake after reading how processed many of the products are. Tofu. Ew. Soy milk? Even worse apparently. SAD! Also, believe it or not, this WEIRD thing happens to my best friend and me when we have too much. A shadow over our upper lip. It’s not even hair, just a tint like we have a mustache. Not cute at all.

    I got those k-cups and love them and I also love that wine! 🙂

  • Meg

    Naughtiest thing my dog has done? Where. To. Start.

    Love Maizey’s “good girl” pose. Gimme more treats, Mom!

    I love that TJ’s wine too!

  • Megan

    Once Kona stole a baguette (one of the long, skinny kinds) off the kitchen counter and took it outside and devoured it while we were out to dinner. It was hard to be mad at her when I imagined her trying to maneuver it out the doggie door 🙂

  • Anne

    Haha that’s so funny Maizey can open doors! My cat can open certain ones and I always get a kick out of it.

    That’s so true about soy being in everything! I remember reading an interview with Ryan Hall about how he had major issues in a race because of eating soy sauce the night before (though I guess it is called soy sauce for a reason:)) Good luck!

  • Lizilla

    Tucker once ate a triple batch of no bake cookies that my roommate left on the counter for literally 1 minute. He didn’t even knock the tray off the counter, she just walked back in and it was licked clean and he was lounging on the couch. As you know it’s difficult hiding anything from a tall intelligent dog. (Honestly I wasn’t even mad, I was just glad he didn’t die!)

  • Chelsea @ CrazyBullies

    Bubba chewed the wall in the guest bathroom like 2 weeks ago..pretty little sight.. Irene chewed the leg ends of the coffee table when she was like 10 weeks old…

  • Audrey

    I need to try that TJ’s wine! I really like their Cabarnet, but have been weary of their white wine. I’ll have to buy one next time I’m there 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Oooo goodness, open door handles hahahah Sorry!!! How can we not love them though… check this one out if you get a chance

  • Tan

    At least she got into the good-for-her treats 🙂

    My dog Kit ate 1/2 a used diaper in the alley (so so sick) and then when we relegated him to the backyard, he destroyed our vegetable garden by digging a giant hole in the middle so he could lay in it. Not a good day….

  • Purelytwins

    bag Maizey haha
    I will have to look into those dog treats for Jax.
    and yes Michelle and I do not do well soy for so many reasons – one being it messes up our hormones, so we avoid it too!

  • Liz

    My cat Hippo once ate an entire pan of roasted vegetables that I left for my fiance’s dinner while he was upstairs working. He’s also dragged entire loaves of bread out of the pantry and chowed down! He’s a hungry cat! (The vet likes to say he grew into his name).

  • Cheryl

    Love hearing about Maizey — naughty dogs are so sweet 🙂 Tennyson (my English Bulldog) is infamous for picking on other doggies at his day care … He will strategically position himself near the door leading outside and “nip” at the backside of other dogs … always gets Tennyson in “time out,” but we all love him! Congrats on finishing PB challenge! My 20th will take place this am and I’m celebrating this weekend! Love my Pure Barre!

  • Jordan

    I love your blog! Especially little Maizey. I think Maizey and my pup, Tubby, seem like kindred spirits 🙂

  • Julie

    Your stories about Maizey crack me up! My dog does the exact same thing in the morning. I said, “Kennel up!” the other morning & ended up looking all over for her, & she was already in the other room waiting in her kennel licking her chops (for her treat). Her naughtiest thing to date has been eating our shoes! >( She did it a lot more when she was a puppy, but now that she’s older I will let her roam the house if we’re only going to be gone for a short time. Well, she immediately gets into stuff she knows she’s not supposed to – I think she’s expressing her displeasure at being left home alone! And don’t get me started on the “birdsicle” she brought to the door this winter… blech!