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Friday Favorites for Fall: the best cider candle, the perfect fall nail color, lace-up heels & Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook

Things I’m loving lately that are perfect for fall &  a quick Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook review! 

Happy Friday! I’m so happy it’s almost the weekend, even though it’s going to be rainy and windy all weekend here. (We’re getting some effects of the hurricane, but nothing crazy. Please be safe if the storm is closer to you!). Sometimes I like drizzly weekends just to have an excuse to hole up in sweatpants, with coffee and relax, i.e. watch Friday Night Lights, read, catch up on blog work, and snuggle Maizey.

a foodie stays fit maizey dog

I also have a dinner date with Tommy tonight for a golf tournament he is playing in, so it will be fun to dress up! Alright, let’s get onto my favorite things lately!

Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook

You guys, you need this cookbook immediately. The recipes are super simple, come together quickly, and don’t use crazy ingredients. I’ve made four recipes this week and they all turned out awesome. It’s well worth the $15.

Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Wine Stock

This is the best fall color, and the miracle gel formula seriously stays. I painted my nails last Saturday and they just started to chip yesterday (Thursday). Make sure you have the miracle gel top coat that goes with it. You don’t need a light and it comes off with regular nail polish remover!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Wine Stock

Thymes Simmered Cider Candle

This. Smells. AMAZING. It’s from the same company that makes my favorite Christmastime candle, so I’m not surprised this one is also amazing.

Thymes simmered cider candle thymes

I got a small tin locally at Southern Home & Kitchen, but I wish they had this cute little version that comes in a copper mug!

simmered cider candle thymes

Steve Madden Roebella Lace-Up Heels

I love the look of lace-up heels, and have ordered 3 different pairs without success. I wanted a pair that wasn’t too expensive, since it’s a trend that will likely pass, and I wanted them to be high but not too uncomfortable. I also didn’t want too much lace going on. I finally found the perfect pair!

steve madden roebella review

I really like this similar style in black too. Speaking of shoes, I’ve been on a major hunt for fall booties (including some peep toe ones). I finally ordered some pairs and once they arrive and I know which are keepers, I share my favorites! (You can see some of the ones I ordered on my Fall Fashion Pinterest board.)

invisibobble Hair Rings

I love these things! Normal hair elastics often wreck my hair and break it, and since I wear a ponytail almost daily when I run or do Crossfit, I wanted something more gentle on my hair. I tried one of these when visiting my friend Crystal and was instantly hooked. They’re all I use now. You won’t get a hair crease as much with these either. If you’re used to a super tight ponytail, it takes getting used to since it doesn’t feel crazy tight, but they DO hold everything in place! They take a day or so to go back to their shape after using them, so you’ll want a few around to rotate among.

invisibobble hair tie

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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    Teri! We JUST got the copper mugs back in stock at SOHO! Come get one!! ?


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