FAQs: Blogging Tips + What I’m wearing & working out in!

The most commonly asked asked questions I get on Instagram are what tips I have for growing a blog or social media presence and “where is XYZ from?”. This page has you covered on all of that!

Blogging Tips

I often get asked for blogging tips and how I balance everything when I so much to do besides blogging (working a day job, spending time with family & friends, and working out!). My number one suggestion is to automate, automate, automate. Below are the top blogging tools I live by to help keep things running!

  • ConvertKit – for sending emails and scheduling automated drip campaigns
  • Asana – to manage my team & stay on top of my tasks!
  • Planoly – to help plan out my Instagram accounts. This helps me see how it looks visually and I can schedule things if I know I won’t be able to do it later in the day, which is when my content performs best.
  • SmarterQueue – I use this to schedule Facebook posts and republishing older content that is still relevant.

Wondering how to make money on your blog? I make money off a variety of revenue streams so I’m never reliant on one thing since social media is ever and always changing! Affiliates (where the company pays me a portion of any sales) are my number one source of income — Beautycounter and RewardStyle are what I link to the most based on my content and what products I personally use. For digital ads, I recommend AdThrive or Google Adsense.

Looking for my favorite running gear, skincare routine or my favorite stores for clothing & more? I’ve got you covered!

Fashion & Beauty

Looking for my skincare routine & make-up? Go here

Wondering where my shirt, shoes, jeans, etc. are from that you saw me wearing on Instagram? Go here

My Running Gear

I shared my favorite running shoes & clothes in detail on another page –> Go here

Online Stores I Live By

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