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Father’s Day Gift Guide

With this being Tommy first official Father’s Day, I’m so excited to put together this post. I was pregnant last year and did give him a gift, but this year is obviously much more real since we have an eight month old and I’m so excited to celebrate him on the 20th!

With that being said, mark your calendars! Father’s Day 2021 is June 20 and coming up quickly. I hope the timing of this post will be the perfect reminder to start your shopping in time for your gifts in time.

When putting together gift guides for guys, I think through the different hobbies that the men in my life enjoy and how I can surprise them with something they’ll love and appreciate. Tommy has been golfing his entire life (and he’s VERY good too) so he and I have played together a lot since we started dating and have been married. So golf is always a good route for Tommy’s gifts.

Some dads are great cooks and love to grill, so I’ve included fun cooking gifts as well. And of course, the handsome leather and monogrammed bags and wallets are always good gifts since they’re things guys like having but may not think to buy for themselves. I’ve tried to include something for all types of fathers. If you’re looking for a quick cheap gift, check out this gift guide for under $20 Amazon Prime buys.

Alright, enough of the chit chat. Let’s get into the gift ideas!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Personalized Golf Balls

Like I mentioned, Tommy loves to play golf so these personalized golf balls make a fun gift. They come in a set of 12 for $60. Tommy also loves Peter Millar golf shirts so a few shirts (like this and this) paired with a set of golf balls makes a perfect gift.

Skylight Frame

We got one of these digital frames for my parents and in-laws for Christmas and they LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. We even got one for ourselves.

Yeti Hopper Portable Soft Cooler 

This soft cooler from Yeti is super practical. It’s not clunky like most Yeti coolers are and it comes in a few different colors. My friends have this and say they use it all the time for their kid’s sporting events, the beach, boat rides, and I think it’d even be great in the car for road trips. In fact, I may need this for myself for my frozen groceries when we head up to Blowing Rock and take some things with us! This Yeti tumbler also makes a great gift if you’re eyeing something a little more affordable.

Barrington Belmont Cabin Bag

This is such a handsome weekend bag. I have a tote from Barrington that I LOVE and I got my hospital bag from Barrington too! I love the mix of waxed canvas and leather. You can also add their initials for $5. I also love this wallet as a smaller gift.

Portable Pizza Oven

This is one of my favorite gift ideas this year: a portable pizza oven. How cool is this! If the father in your life loves to cook, I’m sure they’d be thrilled to try this out with their kids and friends. I love that it’s portable and can easily be stored in the garage or basement.

Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun

Tommy and I have this and LOVE IT. It’s the same massage tool that our sports therapy guy uses and I’ve even seen massages on spa menus that use it. If the father in your life is a runner or workout junkie, he’ll know what this is and be thrilled to have one of his own.

If you want to go this route but are looking for a more affordable option, this massager from Amazon is perfect. It has raving reviews at a much cheaper price.

UGG Slippers 

Men love slippers. Or at least the men in my life do. These UGG slippers make a great gift. I actually gave them to my husband and my father in law for Father’s Day last year.

Another similar gift is Vuori joggers. I have the women’s pair and cannot sing their praises enough. I gave a pair of the men’s version to Tommy for Christmas and he lives in them in the cooler months! I’m planning to get him the shorts version for this Father’s Day now that the temperatures are rising.

Rayban Sunglasses

A nice pair of sunglasses makes a practical gift that can still feel personal. I love the classic Wayfarer look from Rayban. Nordstrom carries them, which is my go-to since they ship quickly and have a GREAT return policy in case they don’t fit him perfect.


AirPods make great gifts because they’ll get tons of use but aren’t always something they’d purchase themselves. I love them for taking phone calls and working from home. Read my review here. I like these bone conduction headphones better for running, so if your favorite dad is a big runner or likes to workout outside, try these instead!

A Book about Dad

If you’re looking for a gift to give from your children, this book is be perfect. You can personalize the book with dad’s face and name, making the story all about him. So sweet!

A Gift Card

Not as exciting to give, but VERY exciting to get. I love to receive gift cards because cash or a check generally get saved or spent on something practical. A gift card forces me to spend money on myself for something fun. If your dad loves to travel, get them an AirBnB gift card (these make great wedding gifts too actually). That way you’re actually giving them an experience too! Lowes and REI are great places to gift too.


If the dad in your life likes to laugh, a custom illustration is a GREAT gift. One of my previous co-workers from my Corporate America days does custom illustrations and is extremely talented (and funny!). You can reach out to him through Instagram to commission a piece. He makes them VERY personal to the dad in your life, which is very cool!

What are some of the best Father’s Day gifts you’ve given or heard of? 

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