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My first official golf lesson!

Thanks to Adidas Golf for sponsoring this post and providing my first official golf lesson!
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I shared in this post that I’d be partnering with Adidas Golf this summer and it has been so much fun! As part of the partnership, I got to take golf lessons. I’m lucky that I essentially get free golf lessons from Tommy and his dad since they are both amazing golfers and teachers, but it was nice to have an “official” session with the golf pro at Forsyth Country Club. And I certainly looked official thanks to the all the cute gear Adidas provided! (I have more matching golf clothes than workout clothes now – ha! But how cute are golf clothes?! Love them.)

top skirt shoes

My Golf Lesson at Forsyth Country Club

I headed out for my lesson with John Faidley, the golf pro at Forsyth Country Club in Winston-Salem. I was a little nervous, but I reminded myself that everyone has been a beginner golfer at some point. (That’s advice I give to people who are nervous to try CrossFit – everyone has had a first time at CrossFit!)

John was really nice and super helpful. We worked on my grip since the way I was holding the club was closing the club face, which often made my ball roll on the ground. Once that was fixed, I instantly got more loft and distance. I even hit a driver over 200 yards, which was a record for me!

We also worked on my rotation. I don’t move my body enough/rotate my hips enough, especially on my forward swing. It still feels really awkward to rotate as much as I’m supposed to, but I can definitely see how it will help my swing. Thanks for your help John!


My Golf Homework: practice & play!

I’ve gone out to the driving range a few times since my lesson to work on my swing. The new grip still feels awkward, and I haven’t gotten the hang of fully rotating yet. But I like having specific things to work on and I’m starting to see improvement!

John also told me that I need to get off the driving range and play holes more since I can hit pretty well from the comfort of the range, but being on the golf course makes me nervous. The terrain is different and uneven. And I hate when people are behind me since I feel rushed. But, it just takes practice! So Tommy and I played a few holes last week, which I really, really love. It’s honestly one of my favorite things we do together. It just feels like we’re so far away from the world and super disconnected from the stress of life for some reason. And I feel like we’re really able to spend time together without any other distractions. And I love that.

The last time we played, I hit a 3 wood 150 yards, which was AMAZING and I hit my 7 iron about 7″, which was TERRIBLE. But I made a double bogey on a hole, which Tommy assures me is above average. ha! And I marked my ball, so I’m pretty sure I’m official now.

Top skirt shoes

I’m excited for my next lesson, when I think we’ll work on my short game. I love putting and chipping but am TERRIBLE at it. Tommy says I’m starting to sound like a real golfer. But hey, if I look the part and sound the part, it must mean I AM a golfer. Right? Right.

Adidas Golf Promo Code

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Big thanks again to Adidas Golf and Forsyth Country Club!

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    You look adorable! I’d love to take a lesson, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat right now… and my belly might get in the way just a little bit.

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      Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      hahaha! Your belly might get in the way! You look adorable! Just saw your latest post in Bloglovin’ this morning! <3

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    Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

    I love your golfing outfits! Skirts aren’t just for tennis.
    One thing I really like about golf is that you do actually see improvement when you take advice from professionals or experienced players.

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