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Fighting SAD & a Visit to The Quiet Pint

First off, thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my hair!!!! You guys are so nice. 🙂 I definitely am liking it more today; the curls make me feel sassy – heh! And I think the shorter length is definitely better for my petite frame. Maybe eventually I’ll start to like it styled straight too.

I hope your day was nice for a Monday! I started my day with an early morning 4.5 mile run with John. It was cold out but I was all bundled up! The only weird thing was trying to figure out how to keep my hair pulled back. It’s too short now for any sort of a ponytail so I just kinda tucked it up under my hat. I’ve had short hair many times in the past but it’s funny how you forget how to handle these things! 🙂

I felt relatively strong on the run. My bum and calves were pretty sore. I think my bum was still feeling it from Pure Barre on Saturday (and possibly yoga), and my calves were probably sore from yesterday’s run. But the good thing was that lately when I’ve felt blah during workouts I haven’t been able to really push through it (and just haven’t even felt like working out), but today I could push through the sluggish feeling. I’ve just felt stronger running lately, which is great. I swear the blah feelings I had was something to do with SAD. It was gray and drizzly here for a while and we’ve finally had some sun, and my energy has come back! I hope it sticks around.

Tonight, John and I decided to have a date night. Mondays are always kind of lame with the weekend ending so we decided to try to make Mondays a little brighter going forward with weekly date nights. We went out to dinner and then walked Maizey through my neighborhood to see the lights on all the houses. For dinner, we tried out a new place in town – The Quiet Pint. 

IMG 3280

The interior was pretty cool which gave us high hopes, but we both absolutely HATED everything else. The beer on tap selection was really light and the waitress acted like I was an idiot for asking for a recommendation between two wines (and then she told me she hadn’t tried any of the wines). Our food came and it was terrible. We both got burgers (sans buns) with different sides. Each burger tasted like it had an entire packet of taco seasoning dumped in it and was dripping in grease. The bacon on top of the burger tasted like it had been coated in salt (like bacon needs salt!). The collard greens were also super salty and just…gross. The veggies on the side were obviously frozen veggies, so they were consequently mushy and flavorless. And the fries that we split had issues too – I kept getting bites like I was crunching on sand. They looked freshly cut and fried so maybe they didn’t wash the potatoes enough? I dunno. Big disappointment.

I’ve heard mixed reviews from other friends that have gone – some great reviews, some other bad ones. They are a new establishment so I’ll give them another try in about 6 months – maybe they’ll work out some kinks, but the initial experience was pretty pathetic. We are both feeling yucky and sick after the meal.

Alright, I’m gonna go soak in the tub. My mid- to upper back has been bothering me for a few weeks; I’m not sure how I tweaked it but it’s really annoying. Even yoga hasn’t helped. Hopefully some warm water and epsom salt will do the trick.

Have a great night!

Do you think you ever suffer from SAD?


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  • Maria

    I’m so sorry to hear about the SAD. I experienced this last year and went to the doctor. He did a little psychotherapy with me regarding writing down the things I’m looking forward to and reading that list every day. It seemed silly at first, but it worked! I also would check out the the sunrise/sunset calendar each day and watch as, after December 21st, each day would get a little more sunlight – in fact I just did that today. We are already starting to get more daylight here in CA. There’s no way I’d be able to live in Alaska or even Seattle with their extremely short winter days…

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

  • Liz

    Also check out light boxes – I have friends that use them and they really help for SAD! I am likely moving to Seattle next fall and I’m already dreading the winter!

  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    I for sure suffer from SAD. Where we live it is often dark and gloomy for weeks and we will go such long periods of times without any sun! I have to really focus on keeping myself moving and active so I don’t get in a funk!

  • Melissa

    i didn’t comment yesterday but I love that you post about your hair and other things. even though this is a running/foodie blog, those kind of posts show your personality and for some really i just really enjoy them and feel like we get to know you better 🙂

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      aw, thanks Melissa!! I appreciate the feedback and appreciate hearing that you like seeing more of my personality! 🙂

  • Jordan Lynn // Life Between Lattes

    I grew-up in Texas, where winter isn’t really winter, and there is plenty of sunshine and warm weather year round. The first winter I spend on the East Coast – I hated it. But honestly, I think the cold gets to me way more than the cloudy/ grey weather – I lived in Seattle for 3 years and loved it! But now, I’m back in DC, and I’m so ready for winter to be over even though it hasn’t even started. I’m looking forward to spending the holidays in Texas.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      It’s funny – I love rainy, cloudy weather too. It was rare in Utah where I grew up, so I just love it but I do think it brought me down this year. I think maybe it was just a simple vitamin D deficiency?

  • Livi

    I definitely have a little SAD– some good sunshine is the only medicine!!!