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Build a Better Wardrobe: 5 Must Have Dresses

While I love looking nice and put together, I hate shopping and I hate owning too many clothes! So, I’m going to do a series of blog posts with my wardrobe essentials, including dresses, jeans, shoes, undergarments, and even pregnancy wardrobe essentials. I’m hoping it helps you be intentional with your clothing purchases so you don’t end up with trendy pieces you wear just a few times (been there!) and also gives you the freedom to get rid of things you don’t love!

First up, I’m sharing 5 must have dresses you need in your closet that are timeless and will have you covered for nearly any event that comes up in your calendar. Dresses are a really great wardrobe staple because they are a one-piece outfit. Other than shoes and accessories, you don’t have to think about your outfit too much. There are five dresses that are staples in my closet because they keep me covered for basically any event: day-to-day, work, date night, weddings, black tie event, I’m set. And they’re all timeless styles so I invest in quality and then wear them for years.

Let’s jump right in!

5 Dresses you Need for a Timeless Flattering Wardrobe

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5 Must Have Dresses for a Timeless Flattering Wardrobe

1. A little black dress

The right black dress will work for all occasions – date night, dinner party, wedding. Find one that’s flattering on your body type and that you LOVE. It’s worth buying a few to try on to find what makes you feel amazing. My personal favorite is this v-neck with ruffle sleeves. I find that a v-neck is a neckline that I always feel pretty in but the sleeves make it a little more special.

2. A fun summer dress


fun summer dress

5 Must Have Dresses you Need for a Timeless Flattering Wardrobe


Think color! I love fun patterns and brighter colors for summer dresses. And of course, a pretty white dress falls in this category too. The goal here is something that’s easy and comfortable to wear.

I like to wear dresses for work (even now when I work from home) since I feel cute the rest of the day. I love these sandals too! This is the one type of dress that I tend to replace more frequently than the rest since it gets worn the most often. Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite brands for a fun summer dress. Their dresses are surprisingly flattering on curvy and muscular frames like mine.

3. A day-to-night casual dress

If you work in an office, you probably already own a few work dresses. I had multiple tailored, suit dresses when I worked in Corporate America. But I also really like shirt dresses for the office because they’re comfortable and can be dressed up with the right shoes or a blazer. Or, if you pick a simpler black dress, like this, it can easily go from day to night as well with a shoe change and perhaps a brighter pop of lipstick.

4. A day-to-night maxi

blue striped maxi dress | 5 Dresses you Need for a Timeless Flattering Wardrobe

Blue dress | Bag (review here) | Shoes

I tend to prefer midi dresses because I’m 5’1 and many maxi dresses overwhelm my frame. But I do have a couple maxi dresses I love, like this one from Amazon that’s great when I’m pregnant and not pregnant and this black one that can easily be dressed up or down.  I wore a midi dress and a maxi dress for my maternity photoshoot because they’re just so flattering, no matter your body shape, even very pregnant!

5. A flattering gown for black tie events

Get on you LOVE that you’ll wear over and over again. That way you don’t have to pay Rent the Runway fees each time! I’ve had a Lulu’s dress for years and always pull it out for black tie events!

A flattering gown for black tie events

5 Must Have Dresses for a Timeless Flattering Wardrobe


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