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Following a Training Plan While Travelling (HM Training Wk 5)

I spent the majority of last week in San Francisco for work, which was fantastic. I’m still just giddy about my job and really enjoyed the trip and meeting so many great people. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, and even more so these days since I have a couple of close friends that live in that area now.

I had two nights free where I was able to spend time with friends.My running buddy Anna and I had an awesome dinner at La Mar, and I was able to meet up with Courtney and Brent and meet their little boy! We had an awesome dinner at the Fog Harbor Fish House before wandering up to Ghiradelli Square for some dessert.

I also had some free time to take in the beautiful views near the Ferry Building. It totally reminded me of Foodbuzz Festival trips out there with Ashley, Sarah, Megan and Holly. IMG_8217

I’ve blogged before about working out while on vacation (here and here), but fitting in fitness while traveling for work is a different ball game – especially when it’s cross-country travel.

On vacation, I rarely have a schedule. I can run when and where I feel like it, sometimes visit a local yoga or barre studio, and frequently run a race when I’m traveling for fun. I don’t have the same flexibility (or sleeping without an alarm luxury!) to do that with work trips.

Last week’s prescribed workouts followed the same general format as weeks 1-4 of half marathon training, but I only fit in one run from Monday through Saturday. The jet lag and lack of sleep messed with me a whole lot more than I was anticipating, and I just didn’t have the energy. But, the one run that I got in on Wednesday morning was lovely!IMG_8243


I ran along the water from my hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf to the ballpark and back (about 6 miles), stopping at the Ferry Building for some Blue Bottle Coffee and black label G.T.’s Kombucha (I can’t find black label in NC!) before heading back to my hotel and getting ready for the day. IMG_8247


I think I’ll be traveling on a somewhat regular basis, and I’m sure in time I’ll figure out the whole sleep/jet lag/no energy thing. I’m sure not getting enough sleep the night before my flight west and then TOTALLY overdoing it on coffee that first day did not help matters. I wish I could sleep on planes, but I just can’t, so I have to try other tricks.

I got home Thursday night and was still too sleepy Friday and Saturday to work out. I finally made myself go for an easy 5 miler today. So, I definitely did not stick to the training plan. But, I’m just trying to switch my mindset and think of it as a recovery week. Life happens! However, I am going to think through some tactics to make it a bit easier to more closely follow my training plan even when I have trips.

Do you struggle with jet lag?Any tips to lessening the jet lag fatique, or any tips for fitting in fitness when you’re not on an anything-goes travel schedule?

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  • Sarah

    I don’t have any great trips, but I can commiserate. Ughhh I struggle big time with time change differences/sleeping while flying, too. I cannot sleep on flights – at all, even overnight international ones, gah! – and I know they say it takes a day for every hour of time difference, but it takes me like 10x longer. No joke. It’s terrible. I lived in Asia a while back, and I swear, it took me six months to adapt. Even with px ambien and my organic melatonin, ha!

    I used to train for marathons and try to have a strict workout schedule, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve thrown out strict schedules when traveling, especially if it’s just a week. I bring my walking shoes and try to sight-see and eat ice cream cones and just enjoy that life pause. Mayyybe hit up a yoga class in the city. I recently was in Europe this summer, and after a long sleepless red-eye flight over there, I forced myself to stay up until it was nighttime. That seemed to help me adjust a bit better to a sleep schedule. I also love Yogi Bedtime tea!

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I love the phrase “life pause”! It’s such a great way to think of it! I love Yogi Bedtime tea and haven’t had it in years…I need to get some! I’d totally forgotten about it. I wonder if I sipped that on the plane if it’d help??

  • Sarah


  • Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    My favorite way to stay fit is exploring a new city! If I have time I love to walk around the city as much as possible!

  • Moira

    Totally not one of your questions but I had to post this anyway.

    Earlier this you had a post and one of the questions at the end was what are you running goals for the year. I said I wanted to do five races and a half marathon. Well, I did it! I completed my first half marathon this Saturday and I couldn’t be prouder of myself (I have already planned my second one out next May!). I have also done five races and have plans for two more this year. Thank you for your blog, making me accountable and sharing your life/workout stories! You are one of my favorite blogs and I always look forward to reading your posts.

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I’m so glad you commented!!! CONGRATS on all your races! That is awesome and I’m so glad you enjoyed your first half marathon! It makes me SO happy to hear that my blog helped you!!! You just put a big smile on my face, so thanks. 🙂

  • Christina

    I used to travel for work a lot, mostly to CO and I live in NY. I think it is definitely easier going to the west coast, because getting up “early” is easy… 6am MT is really 8am ET! So I found it easier to get up in the morning to run. Also you say that you can’t sleep on a plane… Trust me if you travel enough you will learn to sleep!! 🙂

    • Teri [a foodie stays fit]

      I really hope that’s true that eventually I’ll start to sleep on planes! Maybe I should get a neck pillow??

  • Bri

    No great tips over here, but I totally feel you on this one! Trying to stay on track while marathon training is such a task for me too during travel! I recently took a week off for an end of summer vaca and fit in exactly one training run and one cross training session, but that’s about it. Then when I returned, I paid for it on my first long run, it felt…not great. Learned my lesson, but it’s good to know I’m not the only one who finds it hard to stay on track while traveling 🙂

    And I agree with you-even when I manage to get a little shut-eye on planes, it’s not the kind of sleep that does any good! Sometimes while traveling you do just have to say, oh well, life happens, and move forward…love your attitude on that! Have a lovely day!